Piccolo Bar

Update: 2011 The Piccolo Bar has closed

Nanny Lynne has writer's block.

On the train she teamed up with a guy who had been a camera man at Channel 7 in the '60s, he was doing a documentary on the history of Taylor's Arm as told by the locals!! Taylor Square - Taylor's Arm, well, she never!

Was it a trouble free journey? .. Noooooo way, the Pete Seeger 'For Pete's Sake' Celebration had been cancelled and, Nanny Lynne forgot her mobile, so was unable to arrange a meeting with Larry Knight and Peter Gatehouse .. 'It's not the destination it's the journey' she reminded herself.

Assuming her 'Taylor Square Historian' personae cum photographer she embarked on a series of chance meetings .. Vittorio at the Piccolo Bar welcomed 'the celebrity from the bush' with open arms, well, after all, she was a friend of the famous actor Beatnik Cass, noted for his various character roles in Aussie movies) 

"Daahling, you just missed Jeanne Lewis by 5 mins, but she will be back," gushed Vittorio, as if Nanny had never left the place 30 years ago. Handing her a book by Rowan Hagan, he toddled off to make her fruit juice! The title,  'Darlo', (set in the '80s) caught her attention - just the year she had left the Cross behind.

Gesticulating in a 'stylish' fashion (forever the gay old chap) he proceeded to load her up with postcards, posters, fairy wings (appropriately coloured pink) and last but not least, a very large T-shirt with the Pet Shop Boys logo imprinted on the front. Looking up from the book, she ungraciously remarked "now I have to find a fat gay friend to give it to". Nobody was amused so she buried her head back in the book. 

One of the patrons asked amicably if she was 'waiting for an Internet root' laughingly, she turned to the room and denounced the offender who then made a hasty exit.

Nan was refused entry to the photographic exhibition at the King's Cross Library, "but I used to work in this building, I am an original local", she protested. Trudging back to the Piccolo she told her woes to Vittorio. "Anyone want to take this lady to the exhibit?", he yelled. A young 'un named Adrian volunteered, and off she toddled to the judging of the exhibit (with the judge, no less!). Gaining entry with Adrian by her side was a cinch. "This is my good friend Gillian" he announced to the lady pointing at Nanny Lynne.

A quick scan of the room, severely underdressed, Suzanne Gray jeans and beige crocks didn't cut it.

She did a calculation of presented photos, noted her opinions and occupied herself videoing the comings and goings from the tobacconist shop on Darlinghurst Road.

Referring to the line of people applying for a flat in Ward Avenue, Vittorio, spat with a distinct Italian flavour, 'bloody foreigners'.

'Stop-smile!' he screamed at a local identity riding passed. Animal paused midst traffic and smiled politely.

Bought a nice pair, olive green suede thongs and headed towards Farrell Avenue (behind the site of the old King's Cross Post Office).

Back at the Piccolo Bar her valued opinions were listened to by noted photographer Glen Lockitch .. all was well. Glen was photographing Woolloomooloo, so much was had in common.

Animal '09

Site of The Village '09

Oxford '09

Beauchamp '09

Mandala '09

"Nithsdale", written by Wally Mudd and performed by 
The Starving Wild Dogs, named after a lamp post.

Site of Frenchs '09

El Alamein
Victoria Street '09

Saturday night, off to Annandale Bluegrass Society monthly meeting. Nanny sang exhuberantly at the rehearsal of The Sinners chorus, (she was asked to sing as guest artist the next meeting, she declined). Then Doug DeKroo caught her eye and she was off yelling "move aside groupie coming thru'', this was met with laughterSunday was spent with Terry Darmody and family, they met up with a very handsome Peter Nehil (washboard player Original Battersea Heroes) who informed her that Peter Anson had just left - drats, oh, and that he was now married, to which she replied "Never mind, I can wait another 40 years".

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