Alison Road

Alison Road, Randwick was 'the place to be', inmates included, Errol Wood, Anne Kelso, Wally Mudd, Kerri Phillips, Steve James,  Paul Wyld, Bob and Kathy McGowan, Brian Dewhurst and Bobbi, Crazy Wayne Barnes, Neil Bramley, Gary Ross, Virgo Doug, Ian McIlvray, Ross Darmody, Charlie Watts ..

During this period, Sue Challis waitressed at the Yellow Cab Restaurant (off Darlinghurst Road),  I took her spot when she left.  Wally was in the habit of dropping in for dinner 'on the house'. I made enough each night in tips to pay for my ciders and cigarettes. 

Primed with a good dose of Becks 'Truth', we headed off to Taylor Square. A crawl of the local venues, The Beauchamp, Frenchs, Oxford and Albany Hotels and Whittys was mandatory

Frenchs, featured The Foreday Riders predominately a blues roots band. Oc occasions, The Battersea Heroes dropped by, the Heroes, the creme de la creme of jug band music, with Terry Darmody up front on kazoo and vocal, Peter Nehill tea-chest bass, Dennis 'Spiderman' Burke percussionist, a whiz on the washboard and Mark Butler 

Anyone remember the smelly fish shop?

After midnight a Chico Roll from the Chew and Spew we'd hike on out to the Greenwood Tree Hotel in Paddington to catch  Jeff St John (and hopefully an eyeful of Peter Anson). One fateful evening, my Graham's friendship ring  flew off my finger  across the crowded room never to be seen again. I don't think I went back there after that incident.

Welcome Peter

I received this message from Peter Biggs (2012)

'Stone the crows .. I just couldn't believe what I found after typing Rhonda Nolan onto google .. Up pop references to Sandy (Rhonda's sister), Denise ... even Zorba ... and sadly poor old Graham ... all lovely people I met in a far too short time spent in the rabbit warren of a building called the Britanic at Mosman .. Sydney Harbour. 

It was 1966 and I had just come down from Queensland driving me old Ford Consul .. maniac driver .. still am!! Worked with Zorba digging for the council .. I remember a large rock fell on Zorba while we were in a large hole in the ground .. scarring him on the chest permanently. 

Loved Rhonda but she wasn't interested in me .. life is such fun!! I eventually buggered off to New Zealand with a few others on the Oriental Queen when the Aussie government wanted us to fight in Vietnam .. we all thought we would rather chase Kiwi girls and so we did!! My name is Peter Biggs .. I think I may have had a beard then and hair down to me shoulders .. would be totally amazing to hear from any of you that might remember me from those glorious days of our lives'

Mort Fist

    Photos courtesy of Dominic O'Donnell
    Catch up with Judy, Dominic and Doc on Facebook 
    Tony Fitzgerald aka Mort Fist RIP played with Dominic during the 80s

Dominic O'Donnell and Judy Hill

Mort and friend

Clarendon in Surry Hills .. 

Mort with Judy Miller - Mort and Judy were regulars at Berry Street, North Sydney 1967

Mort and friend

An excellent snap of Tony on the Harbour 

Mort and John 'Doc' Dease - Tamworth

Billy Green

I had a interesting chat with Wil Greenstreet this week on Facebook.  Those that frequented Surf City will no doubt recall  Billy Green  (ex Epics)! Who could forget that mop of curly blond hair and that cheeky smile. Johnny Dick teamed up with Billy Thorpe around 1965 and Duncan McGuire teamed up with Ayer's Rock in 1973. 

Billy joined The Questions then In Focus which morphed into Doug Parkinson In Focus.

  • Wil is currently living and working around the traps in the States. (2014)
  • Duncan McGuire died in July 1989 from a brain tumour.

Johnny Dick, Duncan McGuire, Billy Green, Doug Parkinson

In Search of the Starving Wild Dogs 2008

2008, whilst rummaging through my memorabilia, I came across a negative. I took it along to the nearest camera store to be developed. I was blown away, in my hand I held a black and white snap of Wally Mudd and me,  in 1973, a photo taken by my husband when Wally moved into our terrace in Batman Lane, Surry Hills.  

1973 Wally and Lynne in Batman Lane, Surry Hills

My jug band days! 

My pulse quickened as I recalled the time I spent around the Taylor Square area.    I wondered where Wally and the boys were now?  I did a quick search and located Red McKelvie on Myspace, Red had put up a tracks from his latest CD. One of the tunes he had named, "Wally's Song".  Dare I play it?  I did and I cried, it was a tribute to the days at Taylor Square, to Wally Mudd, his brother Paul and friends.

Looking back WHITTY'S WINE BAR '67, Taylor Square
(A venue Oxford Street, proprietors Cec and Joan Whitty)

After a day's slog at the Sydney County Council  I cut across Hyde Park and made my way down Oxford Street towards Taylor Square.  Looking quite the part with denims and tee shirt I anticipated a night of jug and blues with The Starving Wild Dogs.

First stop was Cecil B Fardouli's delicatessen, situated between Whittys and the Chew and Spew, corner of Flinders and Oxford, where I purchased a wizened stick of cabanossi, a crusty bread roll and a lump of cheese, these items, I  complimented with a number of ciders  as I awaited the band to make an appearance.

Up front was Wheezin' Walter T Mudd  on vocals and harp, his brother Paul 'Doggie' Wyld on keyboards  and the dapper Terry Wilkins on bass.Many band members came and went, Red McKelvie and Chinese Chris on lead, Charlie Watts, Jim Crowley and Daryl MacKenzie on drums. Mort sat in on occasions treating us to his soulful  harp and tempting us with his jug.

I have a very clear memory of Terry announcing that he was changing his style of playing the bass guitar. He traded his use of the plectrum, for an upward finger stroke. (clarify with Terry). Terry a Libran had studied to be a teacher prior  to joining the Dogs. He was  ever so neat, neat moustache, neat jeans and neat shirt.

The place was packed, and patrons spilt onto Oxford Street. The guys ripped into their repertoire of blues and jug: 'What's that Smells like Fish Mama', 'Mystery Train', 'Messin' with the Kid', 'Dust my Broom', 'Stealin' and Willie Dixon's 'Walking Blues'.  

Around '69, the 'Dogs' moved into 290 South Dowling Street, Paddington/Darlinghurst.   Faces I remember are Jim Crowley, Wally Mudd, Sonya Kereopa, Terry Wilkins, Paul Wyld, Sue Challis, Allannah, Stuart West and Steve James. I took up temporary residence on top of a sideboard under the stairs!!

The terrace was electric! a different vibe in each room. Terry had the downstairs front room, people gathered there to share their latest musical discoveries. Anna, Red McKelvie, Bob McGowan, Kathy James, Swannee, Martin James, Lindsay Bourke, Hamburger Joe, John A Bird, Sandy, Phil Manning, Shane Duckham, Neil Bramley, Dave and Moya Sturdy (twins), Pip, Adrian Rawlins .. laughing, laughing, laughing...a revolving door so to speak.

The tenament extended out the back onto a courtyard and then into another terrace which housed the overflow from '290',  Sonya Kereopa, Larry Knight, Peter Gatehouse, Peter Gardiner, Alan Johnson, Dave Cook and Alan Johnson are a few of the crew I recall.

Steven 'Sudsy' Sutcliff arrived at 290 one evening, paranoid as hell. He had been listening to The Rolling Stones 'Satanic Majesty', and was convinced that the Stones were sending him messages via the album, he placed a glass to the wall and listened to  'the voices' being transmitted by the D's (detectives). Poor Sudsy, his life ended abruptly from an overdose, we had little knowledge of schizophrenia in those days.

We often shared riffs and blues info., good clean healthy fun. However, one rainy Sunday afternoon someone suggested we have a raffle. Names were placed into a hat, I drew Steve James.  Steve and I were mates and were  happy to jam for an hour or so. The fact that we had conducted a raffle led to much speculation. My friend Errol  Wood visited  and moved me off my prime position on the sideboard and into his flat in Alison Road, Randwick. The rent was seventeen dollars, my share was three.

Recollections of Wally and the Dogs

290 South Dowling Street, Taylor Square

A pub jam in Surry Hills in the  '79 is the last memory I have of Wally. Wheezin' Walter 'T' Mudd aka Wally Mudd will be remembered for his contribution to the Sydney Underground music scene during the late 60s, best summed up by Red McKelvie's tribute track. 

In Search of the Starving Wild Dogs

'Wally, he held Taylor Square to ransom for 5 years' says Terry Wilkins

Wally, hat perched on a mop of curly hair, first caught my eye at Rhubarbs, (a 'happening' cavern-like venue in Douglass Lane, off Liverpool Street, downtown). He was backed by a wild looking bunch, they called themselves the Starving Wild (Wyld) Dogs, and were aptly named. Wally's quirky movements and staccato singing, the wail coming from his harp and the passionate rawness of the blues sound emanating from these young lads was beyond compare . . I just had to meet them!

I implored my mate, Tony Fitzgerald, 'Mort Fist' to introduce me. He agreed to take me along to their pad in Bondi Junction. The following Saturday afternoon  we caught the bus from Miller Street, North Sydney, hopped off at Wynyard and took the 318 to Bondi Junction. 

I loved Mort's company, his childlike passion in his to the wonders around us. made every encounter take on a magical quality, he was a born actor and the world was his stage.  

A short walk and upon entering  a huge terrace house, 42 Denison Street. The sun. which streamed through the hallway, illuminated the house in a manner peculiar to terraces. Wally was sitting at the base of the stairway engrossed in a conversation with Allannah. A loaf of Vogel bread owned the kitchen table, accompanied by a bread knife which laid beside it, expectantly.

Wal and I formed a friendship which endured throughout the Taylor Square scene and beyond, we shared a love of performing and spent many a night singing and strumming our guitars. I was enamoured with the personae that was, 'Wally Mudd'. Wally was not one to talk at any length about himself, his personal feelings or views. I don't know if anyone ever really knew Warwick Wyld, but, one could always catch him blowing his harp with any band around the traps.Wally took to visiting me often after this meeting, we had much to learn from each other, was charismatic, he seldom spoke,  his life revolved around performing the music he loved. 

The Dogs and crew relocated to 290 South Dowling Street. 

Who lived there, who was visiting and who was transient?

Steve James, Terry Wilkins, Stuart West, Paul Wyld, Jim Crowley, Larry Knight, Sonya Kereopa, Sue Challis and Allannah were the regular tenants.

UPDATE: I received emails, photos, comments and recollections of this period and was able to reunite with old friends and acquaintances, including Errol and Phil Wood, Diane Willard, Danny Groves, Sue Toohey, Terry Darmody, Neil Smith, Alan Johnson, Peter Nehill, Larry Knight, Red McKelvie, Peter Gatehouse, Allannah, Dave Miller, Judy Miller, Jacquie McGarry, Peter 'Izzy Forreal' Knox .....

"One Dollar, Two Dollar" written by Wally

Red McKelvie 
"hi Lynne um I went to Australia 13 Aug 1967 haha I'm pretty sure I didn't actually MEET Wally until the I showed up at the Oxford Hotel on a Thursday night to play with the SWD's maybe 2 weeks before that Shane Duckham let me and Bob? and a NZ drummer Warwick Lee play a set in one of their breaks at the Oxford. Bob ? ( lived with his mum in Jersey Rd Woollahra) great guy must have arranged it. Terry Wilkins was playing gtr with Shane Duckham abt a week later Terry showed up to a party at our flat in Liverpool St and we jammed a bit on acoustic gtrs then the following week he came by and asked me would I play with the SWD's at the Oxford that week 'cos their gtr player had gone to Melbourne and couldn't get back to do the gig so yeah I went there and met Wally and Darryl McKenzie haha and away we went they asked me to stay on and I guess that wuz the break I'd been waiting for ! so I guess the short answer is I met Wally at the Oxford abt late Jan 1968.

I only saw Waldo that one time and from the audience he did have straight fair hair and played geetar as I remember I had a chat with Lan last ngt in the course of the conversation I remembered that I had seen SWD's play at the Oxford before I joined them Paul was playing an upright piano at the windows end and his girl friend was sitting on the piano watching him play Rod was the bass-player the drummer was a guy called 'Hutch' in the photo you have of Rod I can see by the shape of the windows 'curved' at the top that is upstairs at the 'Oxford Hotel' this would've been late 1967 but I didn't know anyone yet.  the geetar player I filled in for haha 4 abt 8 months wuz 'Chinese Chris' and when i went to the UK he got his gig back and that's him in photo of 'Matchbox' EX S W Dogs taken at the Kings X Bar BQ and you're in the photo all good stuff I met Waldo only one time I went to the 'Ball Pants' in the Cross and he wuz playing that ngt the name Rob Jamieson doesn't ring any bells I'm sorry Peter Knox told me once that he gigged with Waldo at the "Ball Pants' great to hear from ya cheers .. Red McKelvie"

Allannah Wooloughan
'I think I first met Wally through Terry Wilkins - we were at the Oxford I  one Sat afternoon with the Sons playing - my memory is pretty shot. Terry would do his usual 'table hopping' chatting to everyone including musos. We really loved the music scene in the 60s at Taylor Square. Wally and I were always good friends. I wonder whatever happened to Wally's girlfriend Trisha who went to Hong Kong c1966/7?'

Red McKelvie

In Search of the Starving Wild Dogs .. cont.

I  have located Red McKelvie's site on Myspace

I noticed a track called "Wally's Song" .. dare I play it?  I did and it made me weep. If you were in Taylor Square in the 60s and knew Wally and Paul Wyld this song  will be blow you away.

written/performed by Red

.. 'Hello Wally, Hello Paul' ... 

Red McKelvie ... "Lynne Best is that you?  It's Red here, wot a great photo, you made me weep old gal that is the loveliest photo of Wally I've ever seen. When my friend Grahame came out to visit me in 2000 he ha ha got on my case abt writing songs again, after he went back I thought abt it and starting writing "Song for Wally" I called up Terry W and we chatted and out of the blue he sez "Oh, Taylor Square 'Wally held the place to ransom for 5 years' ! Lynne hows abt emailing me your ph#. I'd love to have a chat with ya and I'd love to send you a copy of the CD. cheers Red McKelvie"

Wally and Red

In Search of The Starving Wild Dogs ...

Red McKelvie ... "Lynne use the photo's that's absolutely fine would you mind 'crediting' them to Wayne Doull. Wayne took so many photos I have called him and he sez it's fine with him to use."


Daryl, Wally and Red

1. and 2. Sun. arvo in an old run-down studio right behind Oxford Hotel cnr Foley's Lane and Bourke St. We had been listening to Dylan's John Wesley Hardin LP and went there to learn "Wicked Messenger", "I'll be your Baby 2 ngt" and "You better Watch You'sel" Little Walter Jacobs.

 3. me and Wally standing on a bed in the top room street side had a balcony
at 290 South Dowling Street c.'68

 4. Feb 1968 Jim and Sandy at the Oxford

'Jim's Obituary, I think of him lots when I walk the streets of Timaru I know the house he grew up in I've met some of his school friends I had a great chat with him in 2000'
5. haha me and Wally Gosbell St we had a Sat night off and!!!

6. My last gig with the band you probably recognise some people there
2 days later I went to the UK  28 Nov 1968

Red McKelvie ... "This photos were taken at the Hebron Hall Darlinghurst right across road from Langley St okay hmmm Chris was born Apr 71 we were only there at most 5 months so it's 1971 (there was a little park behind it on Palmer St I used to take Chris there to give Lan a break) we lived at 22 Langley St in a small house John A Bird and Sandy had it before us and he organised for us to take over the lease after him and Sandy found other digs the band was just put together for Wayne and Lyn's wedding we don't appear to have a bass-player 'Ace' Follington on drums Doggie, Wally and me it's abt Aug 1971 I've been waiting since 1992 for these photo's !! I hope they come out alright I'm SO lucky to have these photos, have more will send them to you asap cheers 4 now Red"

Paul 'Doggie' Wyld

In Search of The Starving Wild Dogs ..

Paul 'Doggie' Wyld  aka The Wizard was Wally Mudd's extremely talented brother. Paul was rather mild mannered and into  Vogel bread and soy.  Together they took 'Taylor Square by storm' forming a jug cum blues band an aptly naming it The Starving Wild Dogs Piano BandI first met Paul in '67 he was a Meher Baba devotee. I haven't seen Paul since he joined Blackfeather in 1970.

Larry Knight sent me this amazing photo 

'Matchbox' at the King's Cross BBQ
Jim Crowley-drums, Carol Rutley, Lynne Best, Wally Mudd-harp and vocals
 Larry Knight-bass, Sonya Kereopa, Paul Wyld-keyboard
courtesy Larry Knight

I found 'Boppin' The Blues' LP in a pawn shop in Grafton

See Paul in Blackfeather "Boppin' the Blues" on You Tube

L to R:  Russell J Walsh (Feeler)  Paul Wyld 2nd from right
courtesy Russell J Walsh

Paul Wyld (centre)
c. 1981 David Pepperall's wedding  
courtesy David Pepperall aka Dr.Pepper (Go-Set)

Paul in the vacant allotment next door to house in Cook Street, Paddington
 with Peter Knox. Fluke was named as a send up of Flake 
 courtesy Peter Knox aka Izzy Foreal

Terry Wilkins

In Search of the Starving Wild Dogs ....

Information found to date on Terry Wilkins, the dapper bass player in the Starving Wild Dogs. Terry joined The Flying Circus in September. 1970. I browsed the 'net and found a link to Terry under, Bradley's Bouncers. and have touched base with him. In 2007, Terry produced a CD for Dennis Aubrey, his younger brother who is based in Australia. Terry has played in various 'swing bands' over the last 40 years. He was nominated for the Maple Leaf Award and was successful in his field.

There are many old snaps of Terry on Dave 'Flake' Allen's site 'Burning Studio' 

Flying Circus
L to R Terry Wilkins, Colin Walker, Doug Rowe, Red McKelvie, James Wynne

L to R Colin Walker, Doug Rowe, Jim Wynne, moi and Sam See
"This in on the deck of The Arcadia (P&O shipping Lines)
on the day we left Australia for our adventures in Jan. '71
I loved that shirt ... Terry W"

Toronto Blues Society Lifetime Achievement Award: Terry Wilkins, Danny Brooks, Michael Fonfara, Alec Fraser, Amos Garrett, Tom Lavin, Big Dave McLean, Ellen McIlwaine, Joe Murphy, Chris Whiteley, Ken Whiteley.

'Upright Bass Terry Wilkins is a Toronto based musician, composer, bandleader, arranger, producer and teacher. A native of Sydney, Australia he arrived in Toronto in 1971 with Aussie pop band, Flying Circus, and since then has worked with many Canadian and international artists from Lighthouse to Big Sugar as well as Rough Trade and David Wilcox. He has also backed many visiting artists such as Dr. John, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Maria Muldaur, John Hammond, Levon Helm and Son Seals. His musical range is wide and varied with an emphasis on roots music especially blues and swing with some interesting adventures in Caribbean styles.

Currently Terry works with Bradley and The Bouncers. He previously worked with Sophia Perlman and The Vipers who released a CD entitled 'Once Smitten'. He wrote, co-produced and arranged tracks on the CD. He has just completed a CD for national treasure Bob Snider. Production credits include Juno nominated Chris Whiteley; Blues Party and Raoul and The Big Time; Big Time Blues (2001) and Cold Outside (2004) as well as The Legendary Miles Johnson featuring Raoul Bhaneja and Graham Guest released in 2006


Big Sugar was a Canadian blues-rock band, active from 1991 to 2004. This CD features vocalist and guitarist Gordie Johnson, Terry Wilkins on bass and drummer Al Cross. 

Self-titled debut LP (previously the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir and supporting band for Molly Johnson’s jazz performances. Wilkins left the band in 1993 .. click here '

I have a copy of the CD and reviewing it was my pleasure it kicks off  with Molly Johnson crooning "Round Midnight" and closes with Hogey Carmichael's "Stardust". The tracks in between make a mighty tasty sandwich filling indeed. Monk's "Beshma Swing", an upbeat "Come Back Baby", "Goodbye Train, "Groundhog", "Nowhere to Go", "Just about Sunrise" and some bluesrootsy stuff including: "Devil Got my Woman", "Motherless Children", "Sleep in Late" and "So Many Roads". Certainly good listening. Terry has kindly consented to my putting up a track or two. What a difficult choice!  .. Lynne

"Hi, My name is David McDermott and I came across your blog whilst doing a search for Terry Wilkins, I went to the same school as Terry in western Sydney and also knew him when he played with Quill in Darlinghurst, cannot for the life of me think of the name of the joint! Is that Phil Jones of the Unknown Blues fame on your page? I have "If I had a Ticket" on my MP3 as well as the Python Lee Jackson song that Rod Stewart sang the lead. Oh what memories. Dave McDermott"

"Hi Lynne, we played at the Kings Cross Bar B Que for abt 3 weeks we were 3 pce then Terry Wilkins, Darryl Mckenzie and me we went to 'Adam's Apple' Joan Whitty's club cnr Crown and Oxford Streets after Tully left where we become 4 piece when Keith Barr joined us. 

I don't think we ever played in the 'Cross' again as Quill. After Terry left and joined the Flying Circus, Peter Knox joined as bass player I think eventually Darryl and Keith Barr went off to form a band and as far as I know Quill ended then Peter Knox may remember better than me? I joined up with some 'kiwi' mates Claude Papesch, Murray Grindlay plus 'Ace' Follington we called ourselves haha Savage Rose and we played up the Cross at the Electric Circus, Whiskey Au Go Go and the Hawaaiian Eye, Castlereagh St. and the Here disco North Sydney. This was all in 1969 hope that's some help cheers Lynne, Red "

Larry Knight and Alan Johnson

 Thanks for these incredible photos Larry ..

2009: Met up with Peter Gatehouse at the Piccolo
2010 (Aug): contacted by Sonya Kereopa and met up with her Nov.3
2010: contacted by Carol Rutley's daughter
2011 (Mar): Contacted by Peter Gardiner

Chew and Spew
always good for a yummy Chico Roll after Whittys

Blow me down, a word from Alan Johnson, who I met in the late 60s at the Beauchamp Hotel.  In 1976, Alan was MC at Nikala's Naming Party. He is in contact with Larry Knight, Dave Cook and Peter Gatehouse.  Dave had his fifteen minutes of fame when he streaked across the field during a footy match. My last recollection of Peter is at my home in Waterloo with Christa (Cookson??)!

Alan Johnson ... "Hi Lynne, I only just discovered your web page this morning. It is wonderful. It's been simply fantastic catching up on all those memories of Taylor Square in the 1960s and 1970s via your images and comment. I don't know if you'll recall me tht well, my name is Al Johnson and I lived with Lax and company for a while in South Dowling Street. I had the time of my life there. Dave Cook says hello. Peter Gatehouse and Larry will be thrilled to bits to learn that you have done all this. Al"

Larry Knight  ... "Hello Minerva, If you're who I think you are, I have a wonderful picture of you Wally, Jim, Paul, Sonya and me at a club in the Cross ... Larry Knight"

Larry and Sonya

Paul Wyld-keyboard/Chinese Chris-lead/Larry Knight-bass/Wally Mudd-vocals
Jim Crowley-drums (not in view)
1969 The Matchbox at King's Cross Barbeque
Jim Crowley, Carol Rutley, Lynne, Wally, Larry, Sonya and Paul

Uncle Bob's Band

Tony Burkys

Bob sent me a collection of photos, double click Tony to view all

I first made the acquaintance of Bob McGowan and Terry Darmody in the mid 60s. Bob was performing with The Sons of Agamemnon at Whitty's Wine Bar, and, Terry in the Battersea Heroes at The Last Straw (Neutral Bay).  I have recently reacquainted with Terry and Bob. Have also  touched base with Mark 'Basil' Butler, John Taylor and Tony Burkys.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Burkys at Taylor Square in the 60s first reunion at Manly Jazz Festival in 2009.

An excerpt regarding their gig, Australia Day 1975, under the Bridge...

.. 'They were young and imbued with the spirit of the age, and crazy enough to believe that they could make real music, and earn a living doing it. Their influences were diverse, from the crassest modern pop to the rawest Delta blues, a creative patchwork of 20th century popular music. Their motto wasn't, but could have been: “It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.” And swing they did.

To their diverse musical smorgasbord they added original material hewn from the same sources, drawing on that bumblefooted road crew, Mark (Basil) Butler and John (The Doctor) Dease, who revealed some talent as lyricists. Tony, who had been writing for several years with the Heroes, fell upon their words and made them into UBB songs, as did all the other band members. Writing songs became a way of life in UBB ... '  for the full account I suggest you go to  'History of Uncle Bob's Band  excellent article (Lynne)

Bob McGowan (vocals-guitar) Tony Burkys (bass) John Taylor
Terry Darmody (vocals-harmonica, kazoo), Wayne Kennington (drums)

Richard Ludbrook .... "Yes indeed also Kate (was) Kennington, Warwick's ex. Terry was a Battersea Hero whilst I was a Gutbucket Jug Band in 1968. I played with Burkys in Matchbox 74-79 there you go. Warwick Kennington also drummed with Dynamic Hepnotics ( had a haircut in between ) ... Richard "
  • It is with much sadness, that I inform you, Richard Ludbrook (Captain Matchbox) passed away Oct. 2010 .. Lynne

Bob & Steve

January 2011 Received a call from Steve James this week,  he and Bob McGowan will be passing through Ballina, and, calling into my place!

During the course of the visit, I was warmed to the cockles when Bob played a few old songs "Deep River Blues" and "Creole Belle".  I was having trouble with my 'picking', Bob affixed my capo to my 'guijo' and now my pickin' flows .. Hope you guys can make it to the next Reunion!

Two old geezers having a chat

... Smile

shees, I was so overwhelmed

Come on, lighten up Lynne!

 if that the best you can do, so be it

Bob and Steve in Sydney courtesy Dominic O'Donnell

Reunion: Mercantile Hotel, The Rocks

2011: Chris McKelvie working on the reel to reel tapes from Lenny Paterson.

My mission to locate the Starving Wild Dogs has proven to be one of the most exciting ventures I have ever undertaken. I now visit Sydney on a regular basis and have recently returned from the Taylor Square in the 60s second reunion held this year at the Mercantile Hotel, The Rocks.

Sadly, Wally and Paul Wyld, Jim Crowley, Mort Fist, Ross Darmody, Martin James, Shane Duckham,  Lesley Armstrong, Neil Bramley, Wayne Barnes, Rod 'Beachhead' Jeffery and Richard Ludbrook  have  passed on and were there in spirit.

Taylor Square in the 60s held its second reunion on Sunday November 7, 2010 at The Mercantile Hotel, 25 George Street, The Rocks.  Pocket rocket, Miss Lilo Blyton,  fiddled her way into our hearts inside, while Errol Wood, Terry Darmody, Ralph Graham and Ross J Waters entertained us outside with many of the old favourites. The reunion continued on into the night at the Manhatton Lounge with host Frank Macias.

The guests included: Denise Tsolakis from Cremorne '64, my two oldest friends Diane Willard and Sue Toohey. Berry Street crew: Errol Wood and Ross J Waters and their wives Fionna and Carolyn, Frank Cayley, Phil Wood, Dave and Judy Miller and their sister  Fran, who was not part of the Taylor Square scene, howeve, was a dancer on Bandstand.   Gus McNeil and friend Margaret,  Teri Moodie and friend Bill, Sonya Kereopa, Ralph Graham, Peter Nehill and  Karl Rooney were certainly an added surprise. Terry Darmody and his wife Deidree and his mother-in-law Beth.  Dominic O'Donnell, Krisee Oliver and Mary Jane Boyce .. Lilo Blyton, Brian Wakefield, David Rowlands from the Unknown Blues & friend, Ken Gooding, Anna Henry brought a crew along, Leo Duffy, Dave Shultz and his friend, Mick Duggan, and Lenny Paterson. Of course, Dave McDermott was also present and accounted for ahhh will add if I have overlooked anyone.

Frank,Terry and Ralph

Ken Gooding, David Rowlands and Errol Wood

Gus McNeil

Manhatton Lounge

Over 100 photos were taken on the day, taken by  Dave McDermott, Ross J Waters, Sonya Kereopa, Dominic O'Donnell and myself .. I will put a link up later next week.
Rachaell Wyld ... "You know it has been a fabulous loving insight into Wally's world through posted memories that seem to have been fascilated by you, thanks and good on you.  Well, one year I would love to attend a reunion though I have had a life full of love and security I feel a real sense of loss having never really known my 'dad', coz I like to think we would have got on as adults and I love the music."

Thank you Rachaell, that is the one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I hung off his left leg for a while, though he did manage to escape occasionally. He had pockets of friends everywhere I have enjoyed the journey and met many people. Glad I could share this with you.  The reunions are now to be held annually in memory of Wally, Paul, Jim and Mort. I have so much data to share and hope to put up a comprehensive website soon ... with a recollection of 'a week in the life of the SWD' .. so much info. to share

Lenny Paterson has some old tapes of the Dogs, Red and Peter Knox. Red mentioned that there are also films of them at the Oxford Tavern in existence, hoping to hear more on this soon.

Teri Moodie .. I'd love to catch up, Lynne! Reading your comments and your way with words, which evoke all kinds of lost pictures and scents and sounds has made me wonder why on earth we weren't better friends back when. So many hundreds of hours in the same place just wasted!