Gosford Blues Festival

Hi there, it's me Brianna, bringing to you the Dylan Report. Nanny's off to Gosford, what can possibly go wrong this time. Well, everything of course!

Donning her new grey tracksuit, pink and grey jumper and matching pink Ugg boots, she toddled off at 9.00 pm.

She decided to take the short cut (across the grass) to Maccas and buy a Happy Meal.Was it happy, Nooooooooooo, not on your Nelly! She found herself ankle deep in mud and her lovely pink Ugg boots (now black) weren't impressed .. either was the assistant at Maccas that insisted on asking her what she wanted in her McValue Meal ... THAT ONE THERE $6.25!!!! Why are you charging me $7.25 Nanny wanted to know ..

Sludging off to Grafton Station she was informed that there were no trains tonight and to make matters worse she wasn't even on the manifest as a passenger. An argument ensued and she was 'permitted' to board the coach. It was a painful journey as Nanny can't sit without a great deal of pain. She was dumped at Gosford Station at 5.00 am, it was bitterly cold and she had a two hour wait until the Hotel Gosford opened. Did it open - NOT!
Back again at 9.00 am she was horrified to find that she was not registered for a room. It was like a bad 'mushroom trip', did she exist at all? Matter solved, it was indeed Saturday morning and NOT Friday as she had thought! Well, this explained her 'missing' train reservation.

Sleeping until 5.00 pm she hurriedly dressed and taxied off to the Gosford RSL, there she was greeted by Rod 'Beachhead' Jeffery .. had she missed much? Not really, so that was OK. Rod introduced her around and she became acquainted with Dave 'Flake' Allen (pictured to the left) and his two mates Rod and Frank (ex President of the JOK Fan Club) no less. They were chatting about the olden days when Dutch Tilders was spotted, apparently he was to be a surprise for Beachie's birthday. The guys pressured her to go over and introduce herself.

Nothing is worse than bad blues, however, highlights were 'Chase the Sun' a group of young up and comings, (side viewe of the lead guitarist, no other photos could be taken as her batteries were 'exhausted'.

Beachie stunned the crowd he has  the of an angel.

Dutch Tilders and Jim Conway (ever greats), and a pianist Ali Penney were outstanding. She had missed the Foreday Riders and Phil Colson so that was disappointing, catching up with Dave 'Flake' Allen and Rod 'Beachhead' Jeffery made it all worth while. 

Beachie. along with his 'makeshift' band, the evergreen Dutch 'Keep the Faith' Tilders, Gary Dale on lead (worth a listen to, his style is unique and I was impressed), Raoul  on bass, Ali Penney showed her personality on the keyboard, Adam Barnard, proved to be an exceptionally skilled drummer, (youngest son of Australian jazz trumpeter, Bob Barnard). The harp player did his thing impressively, his name as yet is unknown.

Mal Eastick next - bored with 'city' blues, she went and played the pokies and won $700!! After costs she was $200 up!!

Partying 'til all hours with 'Ghost Road', Beachie and Dutch. Sharing grand memories of the Royal George and Shane Duckham was an experience she will never forget.

Nanny awoke feeling quite nauseated and struggled (as best a hung-over bod can) home. All up she had 4 1/2 rums - the old girl ain't what she used to be.

Did I mention that at midnight after two rums in 6 hours she was asked to leave the RSL for being intoxicated. She brought an array of bar staff to back up her 'sober' story and was permitted to stay. 'Sorry' didn't stop her heart thumping at a grand old rate. 

Plans are in place for The Manly Jazz Festival and The Dorrigo Bluegrass Festival in November

Jim Conway (harp), Dom Turner and Rob Hirst

A younger Dutch with his impeccable Piedmont picking “Baby, Please Don’t Go”

Beachie  "Laid Back"

BEACHHEAD performing at Tattersalls Hotel in Goulburn NSW as part of the 2008 Australian Blues Music Festival: Saturday - February 9, 2008. Rod BEACHHEAD Jeffery (vocals/leader), Gary 'guitrar' Dale (guitar), Raoul Hawkins (bass guitar) and Adam Barnard (drums). Guest harmonica player is 'Harmonica Ron' Ind.


  1. you had an event filled trip for sure. at least you won at the pokies so that's good and caught up with and met some interesting people. another enjoyable blog. :) Fran

  2. Gidday Lynne,
    I reckon that the best vid of me from YouTube is probably doing Laid Back in Goulburn with BEACHHEAD in February 2008.

  3. "Gidday Lynne, I reckon that the best vid of me from YouTube is probably doing 'Laid Back' in Goulburn with BEACHHEAD in February 2008 .. Rod 'Beachhead' Jeffery (Beachie).

    Christ you went through some shit. I didn't know about the request for you to leave the RSL until just now. After I saw you into a cab on Sunday morning and was headed to a parking spot closer to the main entrance on the club for coffee before leaving I was cleaned up by some bloke in a Ford 1-tonner ute.

    Just as a mention, my drummer's name is Adam Barnard, not Blanchard. He is the youngest son of Australian jazz trumpeter, Bob Barnard." ROD "BEACHHEAD" JEFFERY

  4. "Hi,hope you got home ok, what a lousy way to have to travel, hope you enjoyed it anyway, it was great to meet you ... best Dave Allen" ... DAVE ALLEN