REUNION - The Rocks

My mission to locate the Starving Wild Dogs has proven to be one of the most exciting ventures I have ever undertaken. I now visit Sydney on a regular basis and have recently returned from the Taylor Square in the 60s second reunion held this year at the Mercantile Hotel, The Rocks.

Sadly, Wally and Paul Wyld, Jim Crowley, Mort Fist, Ross Darmody, Martin James, Shane Duckham, Lesley Armstrong, Neil Bramley, Wayne Barnes, Rod 'Beachhead' Jeffery and Richard Ludbrook have passed on and were there in spirit.

Taylor Square in the 60s held its second reunion on Sunday November 7, 2010 at The Mercantile Hotel, 25 George Street, The Rocks. Pocket rocket, Miss Lilo Blyton, fiddled her way into our hearts inside, while Errol Wood, Terry Darmody, Ralph Graham and Ross J Waters entertained us outside with many of the old favourites. The reunion continued on into the night at the Manhatton Lounge with host Frank Macias.

The guests included: 
Denise Tsolakis, Diane Willard and Sue Toohey. 
Errol Wood and Ross J Waters and their wives Fionna and Carolyn, 
Frank Cayley, Phil Wood, 
Dave and Judy Miller and their sister Fran,  dancer on Bandstand. 
 Gus McNeil and friend Margaret, 
 Teri Moodie and friend Bill, 
Sonya Kereopa, 
Ralph Graham
Brian Walefield Mary Jane Boyce Hamilton
Peter Nehill and  Karl Rooney
Terry Darmody and his wife Deidree and his mother-in-law Beth. 
 Dominic O'Donnell, Krisee Oliver and Mary Jane Boyce
 Lilo Blyton, Brian Wakefield, David Rowlands from the Unknown Blues
Ken Gooding, Anna Henry
Leo Duffy, Dave Shultz, Mick Duggan and Lenny Paterson. 
Dave McDermott

Frank, Terry and Ralph

Ken Gooding, Dave Rowlands and Errol Wood

Gus McNeil

Manhatton Lounge

Over 100 photos were taken on the day, taken by Dave McDermott, Ross J Waters, Sonya Kereopa, Dominic O'Donnell and myself 

'You know it has been a fabulous loving insight into Wally's world through posted memories that seem to have been fascilated by you, thanks and good on you. Well, one year I would love to attend a reunion though I have had a life full of love and security I feel a real sense of loss having never really known my 'dad', coz I like to think we would have got on as adults and I love the music ... Rachaell Wyld '

Thank you Rachaell, I hung off his left leg for a while, though he did manage to escape occasionally. He had pockets of friends everywhere I have enjoyed the journey and met many people. Glad I could share this with you. The reunions are now to be held annually in memory of Wally, Paul, Jim and Mort. I have so much data to share and hope to put up a comprehensive website soon ... with a recollection of 'a week in the life of the SWD' .. so much info. to share. Red mentioned that there are also films of them at the Oxford Tavern in existence, hoping to hear more on this soon.

'I'd love to catch up, Lynne! Reading your comments and your way with words, which evoke all kinds of lost pictures and scents and sounds has made me wonder why on earth we weren't better friends back when. So many hundreds of hours in the same place just wasted! Teri Moodie' 


  1. Jill Trevillian12:11

    Hi Lynne
    A friend emailed my photo from your blog asking 'is this you?'. What a blast from the past -- names and faces remembered and half remember. Good luck with your book. Cheers Jill

  2. Hi Jill, lovely to hear from you, email me at so we can communicate further .. I sent your comment onto Allannah, Terry Wilkins etc. I guess you are referring to your photo with Swannee ??

  3. Hi Lynne...I was around in those days & remember parties at your house in Berry St. my name is Mary & am a really good friend of Leonie Reid & Terry Wilkins. Leonie is coming home for a visit in Jan & as I live in the northern rivers I'm going to Sydney to meet up with her. She said to contact you for the reunion date as she thinks it'll be on when she is here. My email is