I have touched base with members of the Unknown Blues: Dave Rowlands, Ian Sullivan, Chris Brown and Phil Jones. Dave and Chris can be contacted on Facebook

'Hi Lynne, Great to make contact and yes it was a terrific re-union with Dave. The past has been returning at a rate .. Chris Brown (ex Unknown Blues, Ayer's Rock) .. Chris Brown'

'Hi Lynne, I am Dave Rowlands, the drummer for The Unknown Blues. I love your blog. Glad we get a mention! Phil Jones lives in the U.S. expensive. I live in Brisbane now and was down in Sydney on holidays late last year. I caught up with some friends I had not seen for forty years. Some great memories came flooding back and yes, they used to go to Beethovens too. Dave Rowlands'

I took my 8 year old son around to see the Rhubarbs (now a Spanish restaurant) and the Beethovens (who knows?) buildings. If only the walls could talk! There were some pretty wild things happening in those days and I had my share too! You have recorded a time that was truly a period of massive social change. We were all able to go out and have a good time without fear and knowing our mates would look after us if there was trouble. To top it off there was some pretty good music to dance to too. I would love to get our band back together for a reunion but there are a couple of hurdles in my way.

Vaughan Bros, organist, passed away, Bill Hodgkisson, bass- disappeared without a trace.

Good news is I have touched base with Chris Brown, guitarist. He is still playing part-time and can come up with a couple of musos to fill in the blank spaces. Chris and I were the founding members of the band. We need to do this soon as we are all getting a bit long in the tooth. If a concert/gig is possible I would give you enough notice to plan to attend if you want to.

On another topic from that era, a lady has emailed me looking for the name of a disco venue down a lane off Pitt St, not far from Town Hall. In early 1967 she used to come with a friend on Saturday afternoons to watch us play. It was in a sort of courtyard at ground level. The front was painted in gaudy colours and there was a string of lights across the front. She remembers it being very dark inside and I remember some large cushions against the walls. I cannot for the life of me remember the name. Neither can Phil or Chris. We left there to fill in for Python Lee Jackson at Rhubarbs. None of that precinct exists now as it was all demolished. By some miracle you may have gone there but I won't hold my hopes too high. I hope this finds you in good health and spirits.
Chris Brown is living in Sydney and plays part-time in a few clubs with a small combo. We hope to get a reunion band together with some musos that Chris knows. He mentioned a Blues Festival in Richmond later this year, but that is to be confirmed.

I haven't played professionally since The Unknown Blues but have a drumkit and can still play. I have been following your blog for about a year and decided that I had better make contact with you and thank you for the work you have put into saving the history of the 60's and reconnecting friends from that time. Cheers, Dave '

Vaughan Bros

Chris Brown and David Rowlands 2010

Chris Brown - Ayers Rock


  1. Dave, I think the club you are referring to was called "The Place". I think it had umbrellas hanging from the roof and the stage was the size of a matchbox...The Charles Crawford Group played ther several times in 1966

  2. Hi Steve, I received an email that you had left a comment. It isn't here. It was concerning the 'Place' .. sounds interesting, but I think we may have established it was 'Joseph's Coat' ..