Photos: courtesy Leonie Reid

Here are the photos promised to me by Terry Wilkins, via Leonie Reid. I never had the pleasure of meeting Leonie as she had embarked on a journey to the UK just.

Dave Miller "Hi Lynne, Dave Miller here, thank you so much for letting me share Leonie's photos, it was a very emotional experience for me looking at photos of my friends that I hung around with from the age of seventeen. It sure brings back a lot of fond memories whilst at the same time its very sad that some of those friends are no longer with us. How incredibly young they all looked.  Mort's brother Ham Fist (Michael) and seriously is that the same Phil Wood I went skiing with two weeks ago, he'd be pretty safe in a police line up (lol). Lyn Carrick and Carolyn Smith (the Beverly Hills girls) whom I first met at the Folk Attic (their names are on that letter from Howlin Wolf) and of course Veronica Wellman and Leonie who were like sisters to me (as if I didn't have enough already - 4) and rescued me from over indulgence at the many parties at 294 South Dowling Street. These were the formative years for me as a teenage boy and I felt privileged to have shared it with such wonderful people.

I'm inspired to dig through my photo collection and send you anything of interest that I can find and happy Birthday for tomorrow.   love Dave "

Leonie, Mort, Unknown, Michael 'Ham Fist' Fitzgerald,
Is that Anna?

Derek (harp) and Marilyn Robinson

Leonie, Bob McG, Derek, Marilyn

John, Vronx, Terry Wilkins, Leonie Reid and Little Gulliver

Les Proctor, Swannee, Bob McGowan, Wally Mudd
Mort Fist and Phil Wood

Terry, Phil and Anna

Unknown, Leonie, Mort
Frank Cayley


Leonie, Vronx and Mort

Lyn Carrick, Veronica 'Vronx' Wellman, Carol and Leonie Reid

Lyn, Carol, Leonie and Vronx

Lyn Corrick

Veronica 'Vronx' Wellman

Ross J Waters

Mort Fist and Terry Wilkins
Mort and Terry

Dave Shultz
Veronica Wellman and Bon Scott

  • Red called last night Nov 24, 2010 and said he thinks this photo was taken in a pad in Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo .. Lynne

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