Paul 'Doggie' Wyld aka The Wizard was Wally Mudd's extremely talented brother. Paul was rather mild mannered and into Vogel bread and soy. Together they took 'Taylor Square by storm' forming a jug cum blues band The Starving Wild Dogs Piano Band. I first met Paul in '67 he was a Meher Baba devotee. I haven't seen Paul since he joined Blackfeather in 1970.

Matchbox @ Kings Cross BBQ
Jim Crowley~percussion, Carol Rutley, Lynne Best
Wally Mudd~harp and vocals
Larry Knight~bass, Sonya Kereopa, Paul Wyld~keyboard
courtesy Larry Knight

I found 'Boppin' The Blues' LP in a pawn shop in Grafton

'Boppin' the Blues' on You Tube

L to R: Russell J Walsh (Feeler), Paul Wyld 2nd from right
courtesy Russell J Walsh

Paul Wyld c. 1981 David Pepperell's wedding
courtesy David Pepperall aka Dr.Pepper (Go-Set)

Paul in the vacant allotment next door to house
Cook Street, Paddington
with Peter Knox. Fluke was named as a send up of Flake/
courtesy Peter Knox aka Izzy Foreal


  1. Anonymous23:14

    Hi, my name is Sue (AKA) Helen Ruttley. Carols' younger sister. I was adopted out about 4 months after birth and never met Carol. I have only found out a little bit about her from my biological mother Shirley and she told me that Carol had a daughter called Peta, who was adopted out aswell. Any stories about my sister would be greatly appreciated. Reading your blog has been great. (

  2. Your note is not making a lot of sense.. when did you meet your biological mother?? What do you know about Carol?

  3. hello lynne my name is lorraine lorraine frances ruttley ,i am carols sister i have been looking for raylene for years i have since found lee who adopted her ,so waiting to hear from them both ,what was wanting is there a way for me to be able to contact larry .please ,i was born 1959 ,i lived with our mother ,whiltse carol brenda ,james lived with gorden ,when she was in parramatta girls i used to see her ,and then silverwater after raylene was born ,as carol moved to newcaslte with us when she was pregnabt with her girl im only telling u all this so u know im for real ,i see above my other sister is also asking ,raylene peta ruttley is her full name i found a pic of carol on the site which ws great .anyway if u could ask larry for a email or phone number i dont want to be intruding i just want to find raylene and see if he has more photo,s of carol and just to help me with some family stuff ,i live in brisbane ,my email is you ,lynne.

  4. Sue? Helen? Lorraine? What is your name? What makes you think I have Raylene's address?