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Rummaging through memorabilia, I came across a negative. I took it along to the nearest camera store to be developed. I was blown away, in my hand I held a black and white snap of Wally Mudd, Bob had taken in the lounge of our terrace in Batman Lane, Surry Hills.

I located Red McKelvie's site on Myspace; he had released a CD and put up a few sample mp3s on his Home page. One track in particular caught my eye,  Red McKelvie "Wally's Song" mp3 .. dare I play it? I did and it made me weep. If you were in Taylor Square in the 60s and knew Wally and Paul Wyld this song will be blow you away.

'Lynne Best is that you? It's Red here, wot a great photo, you made me weep old gal that is the loveliest photo of Wally I've ever seen. When my friend Grahame came out to visit me in 2000 he ha ha got on my case abt writing songs again, after he went back I thought abt it and starting writing "Song for Wally" I called up Terry W and we chatted and out of the blue he sez "Oh, Taylor Square 'Wally held the place to ransom for 5 years' ! Lynne hows abt emailing me your ph#. I'd love to have a chat with ya and I'd love to send you a copy of the CD. cheers Red [McKelvie]'

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