Johnny Dick, Duncan McGuire, Billy Green, Doug Parkinson

Came across this snap to day of Doug Parkinson and crew, most interested to see young Billy Green, He played with The Epics at Surf City, around 1963.  I located him on Facebook, and had a short chat to him. Billy now prefers to be known as Wil Greenstreet.

He is currently living and working around the traps in the States. Those that frequented Surf City will no doubt recall Billy Green, who could forget that mop of curly blond hair and that cheeky smile. Johnny Dick teamed up with Billy Thorpe around 1965 and Duncan McGuire formed Ayer's Rock in 1973. Billy joined The Questions, then In Focus which morphed into Doug Parkinson In Focus. Duncan McGuire died in July 1989 from a brain tumour.

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