Surf City

2009:  Located Paul Wheeler on Facebook
2010: I recall three young brothers I played with at Freshwater, the Hamiltons. Tony was in  Pirana a

By 1962 surfing was all the rage
waxing down our surfboards was the go!!

I pestered my parents to buy me a surf-board (a must have for any aspiring surfer). I soon became the proud owner of a 9' malibu (or was it 8' 6" ??). Together with my friends, Di and Sue, we walked from King's Cross to Circular Quay, hopped on the ferry and then, trekked to Harbord Beach (Freshwater)  'planks' firmly tucked under our arms.

We dragged our jeans through the salty water and then stomped on them in the sand, and  then, hung them out dry in the blazing sun to give them a genuine faded look. Our sweat shirts received similar treatment  and  etchings of 'Murph the Surf' were stretched beyond recognition. The juice of a lemon was carefully squeezed into our hair, hopefully for a 'lighter' look and our bodies covered in coconut oil, to promote a healthy looking tan. With our surfboards waxed and ready, we then paddled  'out back' and sat there, legs dangling (shark bait!). I mastered 'standing-up' and could be oft seen riding shore waves.  When my grandmother relocated to Queensclif, we parked our planks in her carport.  

[One day these really nice guys borrowed my board and forgot to give it back.  It was a Dale malibu, pale blue with 2 stringers.  If anyone has it, I don't want it now, thank you.]

After a day of surfing we high-tailed it back to the Cross to prepare ourselves for a night of stomping.

1960/1990 My grandmother's house on Queensliff Road  

Lynne at Freshwater Beach 1963

Diane at Freshie also 1963

Another favourite surfing spot was Cronulla
1963 Lynne and Diane

 with a crowd of fellow workers from the Council

 I've always been a collecter of memorabilia. I stored my suitcase at my Nan's for safe-keeping. The contents were irreplaceable treasures.  Early photos of the Beatles and Dylan, also autographs from The Fab Four, Chubby Checker, Sheena Queen of the Jungle, Cisco Kid, Desmond Tester and the Mouseketeers, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Vee, Duane Eddy, Brenda Lee and many more, also my School Certficates, sports medals, school projects,  my Charlie Chuckles certificates and a book with a list of every song I had ever heard. When I went to retrieve my 'bag of goodies' it was no more! Nan had thrown it out!

"Roobbish" she said, "joost papers!" .. (her and her silly Liverpudlian accent.

I was an avid Beachboy fan,and especially fond of Dennis Wilson, in 1962 I wrote him a letter:-


" Dear Dennis, I love you very much and when you come to Australia you can stay at my Nanny's house and ride my surfboard, Love Lynne."

Years later I received a reply .. from Dennis, alas no, it was from the Secretary of the Beachboys fan club urging me to 'join up'.

NOTE: Received a message from Andrew Ainsworth, his mother was the president of the Beach Boys Fan Club and responsible for this message from the Beach Boys

Beachboys "Surfing USA"
They copped a bit of flack for 'stealing' this Chuck Berry riff.

Atlantics "Bombora"
The Chantays "Pipeline"
Surfaris "Wipeout"
I think this is the version we listened to back then
 the Ventures version is a little faster

The Ventures "Pipeline"


  1. hello dear minerva, so sorry you spent xmas alone. thank you for your piece on the fab four. i used to read an english magazine, i can't recall the name, maybe teena. not sure now. anyway, there was so much in it about the beatles. we'd never heard of them in oz. i fell in love with george and had a poster or two (dozens) on my bedroom wall. i was into them before my friends (i'm such a trendsetter) and whenever i hear 'she loves you' it takes me back to my pink and purple bedroom all those years ago. yes, dad had some very original ideas about colour schemes. i loved my pink and purple room. hope you are well. sending you some fab love. xxx <3

  2. Paul 'we love you' was my favourite. Later John after he wrote 'in his own write' (?) I was never allowed to hang a single poster and most certainly didnt have a lovely pink and purple bedroom! Dad had original ideas about colour schemes too! He painted all the room a 'dusty rose with powder blue' trimmings. I intend to use this colour scheme when I move. yeah yeah yeah