Mid 60s: Graham Richards

Graham doing what he did best, he was such a talented lad and we were all so sad to see him go. I have never discussed it and have mourned him for 30 years

1964 - The Beatles and Stones had arrived! Surf City had become quite a haven for 'mods' ... gone were the surfies ... Ray Brown and the Whispers had replaced Billy Thorpe. New Year's Eve 1965 I met Graham, he invited me to a party at Glover Street, Cremorne. My father restricted my comings and goings from our home in King's Cross, my mother had recently moved to Queenscliff.

'I'm going over to Mum's', I'd say, and headed north, to Cremorne.

When I arrived at Graham's, I noticed a pretty girl sitting nearby him, her name was Roma. To this day, I don't know their connection, didn't think to ask. I believed I had found my one true love and I developed tunnel vision. Graham it seems had been very drunk ('paralytic', in fact ) that previous night, and he had 'slept it off' in gaol, and I doubt whether he remembered me.

In the terrace house in Glover Street, resided Graham Richards (Cambridge), Patrick Crow, Barry Clover from Acton, Cliff Bowles, Mick Adams and Keith Longman who hailed from Essex. The boys had migrated here on the Big Brother Scheme.. I spent hours, days and weeks there, listening to, Dylan, Donovan, Leadbelly, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, BB King, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Big Bill Broonzy, Bo Didley, and my hero Dave Van Ronk. At nights we would party to the sounds of The Stones, Yardbirds, Manfred Mann's 'Five Faces', the Animals and the Kinks.

At times, I would sit under Graham's window and listen to him playing his guitar. I was 16 and I honestly believed (as I diligently copied every note) that once he heard me play, he would realize that we should be together forever. When I mastered Dave Van Ronk's "He was a Friend of Mine" I played it to him and he was most impressed .. "everytime I hear his name I just can't keep from crying ..". I followed this up with "Cocaine" and "Tell Old Bill".

I was young, Graham would be so pleased with me, we may even marry! Well, marry me he didn't, he took off with my girlfriend Margot, didn't he! Margot was a talented pianist, she worked in the desk next to mine in The Sales Dept. of the Sydney County Council. He would ring her everyday at 4.30 when finishing work at St. Leonards railway station. Still, I continued to be 'engaged'. I knew that one day he would come to his senses and return to me where he belonged.

Early 1966, the crew moved into Miller Street, North Sydney. Graham and Cliff packed up their gear and headed off to Western Australia .. I went to Central to see them off. Graham promised to post me a Mercedes Benz. I continued to visit his flat. On one such visit, Cliff opened the door. 'Someone here for you Lynne'. Graham was back! Of course, he had realized he had loved me all along. We officially became a couple, ring and all.

April, 1966, I was recuperating from my termination, I dreamed that I would spend my life with a one inch barrier around myself. No-one was able to touch me. I told Mum that I had a terrible feeling. May 12, 1966 Graham left his job at St Leonards station and secured a position at an advertising firm in Cammeray. I moved into a flat in Neutral Bay behind the Big Bear. I was so excited, this would be our first night alone; I prepared Risa Risa and waited his arrival. I must mention that I had neglected to boil the rice and the meal was rather crunchy. During the night I moved my bed over next to his, I may have been sleep walking as apparently I was painting the wall. 'Don't go, I pleaded He suggested that I spend the day with Robyn and Keith. I watched him through the window, he turned and waved, and that was the last time I saw him.

He was keen to form a band, and practiced with an old friends Twig, Greg 'Bear' and Dale Turner, from Buffalo, on drums. Graham played 12-string lead. Everything was beginning to happen for him. During the day, he phoned many times, no doubt looking forward to his next meal. I reminded him several times that he had to go to band practice after work.

May 13, 1966 Graham never returned, a victim at age 19 of a longhair bashing in North Sydney; he was chased and fell 20 foot to his death.

I wonder sometimes where these people are that chased him? I wonder if they know he died as a result of their actions? Losing him and our baby was a double shock, it was the beginning of my slow decline into the murky world of depression. Gloom was my life for many, many years. I found solace in my guitar playing, spending time jamming with Wally Mudd (Starving Wild Dogs)Note; He did some guitar work on a Don night and Day lounge advertisement, (this may be kicking around in some where!).

1964 Graham in Cambridge , UK

1965 Glover Street, Cremorne
Bruce, Rhonda, Sue, Roger, Graham, Lynne 

1965 Barry Clover

1965 Barry Clover in Glover Street, Cremorne

1965 Barry Clover and Graham Richards

1964 Cliff Bowles

1965 Cliff Bowles

1965 Cliff Bowles 

1965 Rick Debenham  Rest in Peace

1965 Rick Debenham

1966 Pat Crow, Dave Burrows (background), Paul (right)
Partying at Miller Street, North Sydney 

1966 Lynne and Graham in Neutral Bay

1966 Keith, Graham, Pat and Barry in Miller Street

1966 Graham, Keith, Pat and Barry

1966 Keith and Robyn in Neutral Bay

1966 Robyn and Keith in Miller Street

1966 Me and Graham at the Domain 



  1. Anonymous23:44

    G'day, thats very sad. Do you think your psychic ability is from God?, maybe Jesus can fullfill that gift.

  2. I don't know douga, I have only recently found God..he's not to keen on psychic abilities so maybe it is him. It has been very strong and my Mum has it too ... she's Jewish so Jesus is not a factor with her .. I don't use it now as I find it annoying ..

  3. Hello Lynne Musical Notes,

    I was refered by Elle and my Cousin Rudy to your Blog.
    I hope you don't mind, but I have put you in my favourites...Yeah!
    I love Your Blog...I can relate to all you have shared, and your taste is like mine...Great Work.

    regards, Ellen

  4. Hello Minerva, a sad but inspirational story.

    I too grew up in those wonderful hippy days and your blog has brought back some great musical memories for me. I guess the Adelaide "scene" was somewhat different to the Cross but hey they sure were good times.

    I had a quick look at the Blue Bus site which you mentioned - I'll need a few spare hours to take it all in. Tks.

    Cheers ....

  5. Thank you for your prompt response, I am pleased you are following my story .... I remember Doug Ashdown from Adelaide and of course, there was Don Dunstan

  6. Nobody will take my thongs seriously now if you call me the resident comedian

  7. Ah, we do take you and your thongs very very seriously. Nice to hear from you...oh wise one.

  8. And the wise one spake;

    you must go into your settings! look deep within them! Find your Formatting and click it! Then Grasshopper you must look to the drop down menu in Time zones and click on your correct zone.
    Then you will be at one with time


  9. there ya go...I am at one with the Mutineers. Mushos grassyarse

  10. Oh to be 15 again!

    No thanks I like 45

  11. I can concentrate on 'The Cross" since I departed from BB. Have quite a few Folk Corner stories to add and will soon be up to date with the present ... that is if I live that long. BB has bought my MB usuage up to date since I deleted 90% of work.

  12. we will enjoy reading them

    hey how is the google reader going? Does it display all posts on a white background as the ie one does

    Bloglines is another that does the rss thing

  13. RE: Above comment from Minerva - should have read BB has NOT updated my MB usuage.
    I don't use Google Reader as much since I got my gmail working. It's easier on gmail (reader) I find.

  14. Oh! so gmail reader and google reader are different things?

  15. Anonymous18:02

    King's Cross and all the music sounds like it ws an interesting place and era.
    And it is sad about the fellow. Best wishes to you.

  16. hi minerva, what an interesting read. thanks

  17. Anonymous17:51

    Hi I'm Amy Clover, Barry's youngest daughter. I'd be interested to hear of my fathers escapades and any photos you may have. Thanks Amy