British Invasion: Groups

When commencing my British Invasion section, I had no idea of the job ahead of me, it's origins and its final resting place. From Cyril Davies and Alexis Korner, The Stones and the Beatles and such, through to the super groups - Cream, Led Zeppelin ...

I have mentioned how we 'hung around the pommy guys for any information on the latest music invading the airwaves.' The British music lovers were 'hanging off' the yanks gleening them for information about the music of Bo Didley, Lightning Hopkins, Leadbelly, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Motown etc

A Folk Revival was underway as well, with the emergence of Dylan .......

The British overshadowed the USA music industry. The States however, hit back with the Psychedelic Bands in the late '60s and treated us with The Doors, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Canned Heat, Hendrix .. which I will explore at a later date.

I am endeavouring to collect old and new videos of the British Invasion crew for your interest.

Herman's Hermits "I’m Into Something Good"
(formed in Manchester in 1963)

Freddie & the Dreamers "I'm Telling You Now"

Freddie Garrety another Manchester 'boy' retired due to pulmonary hypertension and died May 19, 2005. 
Drummer Dwyer died on December 4, 2002 of lung cancer; Birrell became a taxi driver. Crewdson now runs a bar in Tenerife, while Quinn lives in Cheshire and is in distribution.

Kinks "You Really Got Me"

Sixties singer facing jail term - May, 2007

'Sixties pop star Wayne Fontana (real name Glyn Ellis), has been remanded in custody after admitting setting fire to a debt collector's car. The judge criticised the former lead singer of the Mindbenders, for arriving at Derby Crown court dressed as the Lady of Justice.

He had to hand a sword and scales to guards but wore a crown, cape and dark glasses, claiming "justice is blind". The 61-year-old faces jail for arson after he poured petrol over a bailiff's car and set it alight .... '

NOW ...

Wayne Fontana "Game of Love"
back then .......

Wayne Fontana "Game of Love"


  1. Sorry, I've not heard of him. After the fire, can he sing a cover/etc "Don't Fear the Repoman" ?

  2. Anonymous22:20

    i only just remember the group. he sounds a tad eccentric. england is full of them. at least they make the world a little more colourful i suppose. or they should all be locked up. i can't decide. :0 Fran

  3. The comparison between his THEN and NOW video intrigued me. As you can see he was a strikingly good looking lad and seems to have become rather a sad 'card'.

  4. dmarks, I'm sure you're not alone he was rather obscure .. Maybe you remember 'Pamela Pamela' .. No? Never mind :)

  5. Anonymous18:02

    Hi Minerva. Guess I've forgotten to save my typing - I just lost the lot. I'll try again though... Here goes (hope I don't lose it again.

    Yeah, I remember Fontana but he and his group didn't make much of a splash - a couple of overnight wonders.

    Sorry I haven't been around latey. I've been a bit sicko.

    Did you hear about Jokester? I was so looking forward to getting back on the BS and BB to swap jokes and other banter with him, but the first email I got when I switched back on was from Grotty telling me how sad she was about the news about Jokester.

    When I got onto my BB site I had a message from his Son to say that Jokester had passed away.

    I will be posting jokes from now on dedicated to Jokester.


  6. Terry

    Yes, as I mentioned Wayne Fontana was rather a 2 hit wonder. BUT, DID YOU LOOK AT THE VIDS..the comparison is interesting....

    Yes it was sad news about 'The Jokester' I sent his son some articles I had kept of his.

    I hope you are feeling better.

  7. hey...did you see that doco about the Monkees last was good.

  8. No, I didnt Barry ....... ? Bugger