Frank's Cafe ?

Escorting Frank

During the late 1960s, one  strolled along Oxford Street. One summer's eve as Bob and I were enjoying our pleasant walk we happened upon Frank Hammond (I later found out Frank, happened upon a lot of people)!  Frank had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was becoming quite a problem. He had a habit of turning up 'like a bad penny', his behaviour was bizarre.

Hoping to give him the flick, we decided to go to Wally and Maree's new abode in Surry Hills. Without so much as an invitation he hopped into our VW. It wasn’t long before he was escorted out of there for lying on the floor and looking under Maree's (Legs) bedroom door. We found him later that night wandering around dazed and bleeding. Apparently, the Lebonese weren't too pleased to find him seated in their V doub, thinking it was ours!!

We always thought Frank owned Frank’s Café (a local leather shop in Paddo). Frank, however, did not own Franks Café, he had, in fact, been escorted from there also, to Central Station in fact. He had been seated on a train to Wollongong .. he arrived back at Frank's Cafe that night.

On another occasion Frank accompanied me to The Sydney County Council in Bathurst Street. (I had been employed there for several years, occasionally I would drop in to say 'hello' to old work mates.) The lift operator was Frank’s brother!! He did not hesitate to escort him off the premises.

In 1977 Frank tagged along with me to St. Margaret's Hospital, I was visiting my daughter. He was not well received there either. I heard Frank died not long after, choking on his own vomit..

Tales of the Royal George an excellent site by (Paul Stevens), read about Paul and Frank's Cafe, the leather shop in Paddo.  Paul was my first 1960s contact on the internet. Apparently we crossed paths on many occasion but, never we met .. Paul's mission on Tales of the Royal George is to 'piece together' the lives and whereabouts of his crew known as The Young Push, from The Royal George Hotel in the early '60s


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