These photos were taken at our terrace house in Newtown, May 1975. It was Nikala's 'Naming Party'. I wish I had taken more photos! Alan Johnson was M.C. We also celebrated Rebecca's birthday (Eileen White and Alan Reagan's daughter).

Peter Radford, Wally Mudd RIP, Moya Study RIP, Frances Buchanan,
Ross Aiken RIP, Brian Dewhurst, Errol Wood, Robyn Egan

Alan Johnson, Nikala and a friend of Errols

Errol Wood talking to Brian Dewhurst - 
Niki's bored she favoured discussing politics

Bunch of 'heads'

Alan Johnson, Robyn Egan

Robyn Egan, Rebecca Reagan think that's Joe on the couch

Lynne at the end of the day

Alan Reagan, Robyn Egan


  1. Anonymous19:43

    You must have a lot of old photos.
    I like going to the library to look through old photograpy books of Sydney.
    I sent you an email like you asked but have not got a reply from you as yet.
    Can't go to your bigblog.

  2. You were certainly into the music scene in the 60's. Unfortunately i don't recall any of them. I was working in Papua new gunea in the 60's. I met Frank Ifield at a party in the late 50's. That's my only claim to fame. he he he

  3. Douga, Yes my bigblog is 'down', Bigpond is not responding to my calls and emails. I give up. I will now put my blogs on my Down to Earth on blogspot.

    Diane, music has kept me sane,or maybe insane :)
    Frank's ok he did a Hank Williams cover didn't he?

  4. I hope I can contact you - I'd love to have you get in contact with Wally's daughter - she's about to hear his singing voice for the very first time, thanks to Peter Anson's tracks!

    Deidree in Tasmania

  5. Hello D,
    Great to hear from you, although I cannot get through to your site ??

    There a quite a few people who would just love to talk to Wally's daughter AND her Mum!!

    Keep in touch.

  6. Anonymous11:50

    Izzy Foreal believes the drummer in the Messin with the Kid foto is actually Daryl McKenzie. Izzy(as Peter Knox) played with Daryl and Red in Quill,having replaced Terry on Bass when he joined Flying Circus. Do you remember Peter Knox? Izzy has just started a Facebook Group called " Does anyone remember the Ball Pants?" He was resident bass player there for some time. Izzy hopes it is OK to use the foto of Brougham Lane from your site for the group.
    Izzy is playing Bass on the red Mckelvie video and its on Forealnfriends Utube if you don't have it. Feel free to grab it. Its a great site you've made. I was Taylor Square as well and was Frenchies, Flinders Street and Courthouse mainly but my memories are vague - can't think why.

  7. Anonymous11:56

    Sorry. Net dropped out halfway through comment. I have also linked your site to our blogs because it seems to me the internet needs a lot more memories of Sydney in those years. I guess WE are now the HISTORY. Thanks for all your work. Looking forward to the next thing to come. Yrs L.

  8. Hi Peter .. am updating as we speak - give it a week and all will be new and interesting. Heard from Terry yesterday and he has been in touch with Dave Ovendon ..
    PS Terry D can be heard on skidrow streamline Sun. mornings at 8

  9. Red McKelvie,
    February 10, 2008
    Hi Lynne, re the photo's use them that's absolutely fine would you mind crediting them to Wayne Doull. Wayne took so many photo's I have I've called him and he sez it's fine with him to use them so please credit them to him.

    I know I've got some more photo's as I find them I'll send them to ya bye 4 now Red

    .. the venue is the Hebron Hall in Burton St across road from Langley St where we lived 22 John A Bird let us have it after him and Sandy found other digs ! okay hmmm Chris was born Apr 71 we were only there at most 5 months so it's 1971 I'm SO lucky to have these photo's Lynne the guy on drums is 'Ace' Follington I guess we didn't have a bass player I don't know who the lady singing is we only came together to play Lyn and Wayne's wedding I have more photo's will get them scanned when I can and send them to you cheers 4 now Red

    Re songs with Wally:-
    'You Gotta Help Me Baby'
    'Mystery Train'
    'The Sky is Cryin'
    'Messin' with the Kid'
    'You Better Watch Yo'sel'
    'High School Confidential'
    'Wot's That Smell Like Fish'
    'Beetle um bom'
    'Rag Mama '

    'Stealin' is a great song alright. Haha if a punch up broke out upstairs at the Oxford no matter wot we was playing we'd switch to 'Catch the Wind' it was so different and Brian the bouncer downstairs would hear it and come charging up the stairs ha ha they were wild days !!