Terry Wilkins

Dave McDermott ... "Hi, My name is David McDermott and I came across your blog whilst doing a search for Terry Wilkins, I went to the same school as Terry in western Sydney and also knew him when he played with Quill in Darlinghurst, cannot for the life of me think of the name of the joint! Is that Phil Jones of the Unknown Blues fame on your page? I have "If I had a Ticket" on my MP3 as well as the Python Lee Jackson song that Rod Stewart sang the lead. Oh what memories. Dave McDermott" 

June, 2010 David travelled to Canada and grabbed a snap of Terry

David and Terry

Terry Wilkins is currently on Facebook.

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  1. Terry has been involved with Raoul and The Big Time first as a producer and co writer and now as the full time bass player in the band. He has recorded and co produced all of our records and is very highly regarded in Toronto as one of the great bass players around. In addition to your great notes on Terry (I was sent this link by John a mutual friend) I wanted to add that he has been a mentor to countless younger musicians in this city. It can't be under estimated how he has been part of some serious roots revivals in this city and the creation of some great music. It was a loss for OZ but a our gain that we are fortunate to still reap the benefits from... I can't wait to do another show with him in a few weeks.
    Raoul Bhaneja
    Raoul and The Big Time