TERRY DARMODY - Original Battersea Heroes

So much I have to say about this fabulous band, possibly one of the best jug bands of its time, I do intend to spend  more time on this post .. bravo Terry

'It's Real', Volume 1
Terry Darmody and Steve Messer (on harp) have joined forces to produce this wonderful easy listening, spiritually based CD. Years of musical knowledge and mutual love of Jesus have gone into this beautifully presented collection. Their friendship goes way back to a chance meeting at a gig in Prahan, (when Steve played with the Ordinarys ).

Terry Darmody ..."The Original Battersea Heroes had many members. It was founded round 1963 as a jug band by Martin James (banjo, 6 & 12 string guitars, lead vocal, harmonica & kazoo, & original songwriting) .... Peter Nehill played washboard at first, then tea chest bass and bass guitar. We had plenty of guitar players including Chuck Quinton, Roger Blake, Graham Bennett, Lindsay Hewson (John's brother), Neville Drury, Gavec Nicholson, Bob McGowan, Tony Burkys & Mick Diggles. Dennis Burke joined Martin & me on washboard & drums. When Martin left, I started singing lead. Ross Waters added some real musical class when he was with us on fiddle. Peter Miller joined on bass while Peter Nehill joined & left a few times. We moved more & more towards perfecting 'good-time' rock'n'roll (our heroes were the Loving Spoonful, Band, Dylan & 50s rockers & folk roots & jazz musicians). Rob Dames (Purple Hearts) joined on bass for a time, as did Peter Knox & Terry Wilson Slime Men, Wasted Daze, Magnetics) with Barry X drums. In the last gasp of the Heroes, 2 musos from Melbourne, Lee 'Fred' Cass - drums & Mick Diggles joined & we kept puttering along like a goodtime r&r version of Murph & the MagicTones 'til 1970. Have I forgotten anyone? An OBH LP was recorded by Bob, Tony, Peter N, Dennis & me. That was a tight band. We pretty well lived together & often played at the Arts Factory. In about 1971 Bob, Tony, Warwick K & John T formed Uncle Bob's Band, a really good unit that picked up where the best days of the Heroes left off. They asked me to join as singer & we had 5 or so very musical years that finished in Melbourne. Now? Musically, I'm a folkroots/country/blues - influenced gospel singer, guitar strummer & harp/kazoo player...Terry D"

Terry Stacey & The Woodworms
featuring Terry Darmody on harp

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