Lee Gordon presents


" .. In the decade from 1953 to 1963, Lee Gordon's combination of "style, ego and limitless enthusiasm" transformed the staid Australian music scene and helped to lay the foundations of the modern Australian music industry .. Milesago "

Lee Gordon, hailing from The United States of America, was a well-known figure around the King's Cross area, often regarded as 'shady' and 'a big talker' Gordon was first and foremost an entrepreneur, credited for promoting rock and roll in Australia and bringing overseas performers to our shores, including: Chuck Berry, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Laine, Johnny Ray, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly and Little Richard, over 400 acts all told.

Lee had his finger in many pies and was connected to Leedon records, The Birdcage, Jewels, Les Girls and The Sound Lounge in William Street. He was the first person to present 'black' artists alongside white in Australia and Johnny O'Keefe was the first Australian to perform with these overseas stars.

Paying a few extra quid would secure you a seat 'up front', you could almost touch the stage. Up the back, far up the back, one could see the teenagers in the 'bleachers'  rock 'n rolling.

My father warned to 'steer clear of him', as he handed out drugs. I met him on several occasions, he never even offered! Lee Laser Gordon died in 1963.

The Sydney Stadium was located on the Cnr. of New South Head Road and Neild Avenue, Rushcutter's Bay. A huge circular entertainment centre with a rotating stage. In the '50s and '60s, it was the venue for all 'rock stars', and, various sporting events such as boxing, wrestling etc. A friend Cas, from Woolloomooloo was the lolly boy ..

Dakota Staton

1961 and yes, I was there with Dad at the Sydney Stadium .. bracing myself to meet my idol, Bobby Vee, my heart was in my throat, to my consternation, Bobby was very, very tiny with very, very, very high hair. Farrr too tiny for me ... ah well, still sing his songs today .. "Rubber Ball" ..  bouncy, bouncy.

Bobby Vee “Rubber Ball”
Nice to see you have flattened your hair Bobby ..
 "Rubber Ball" is sounding a bit worn out.

Donnie Brooks "Doll House" 

Donnie Brooks “Mission Bell”
On February 23, 2007, at the age of 71, Donnie Brooks died of a heart attack

Johnny Burnette “Dreamin”

Johnny Burnette “You’re Sixteen”

Bobby was out Donnie was in .." ♫ .. got a hammer, nail and a hunk of woood, I'll build a Doll House, if you marry me the way I think you shoould, I'll build a Doll House, cutest place you'll ever see, big enough for you oo oo and me ... ♫ 


  1. I heard a Connie Francis song yesterday, and was thinking of him. I always wondered if Bobby Vee's surname was one of those long European surnames that was shortened. Let me check Google... It's really Velline. Not like what I thought it would be.

  2. Yep, Bobby Velline. I put up his vid. (a really bad one) but interesting nevertheless.