Sadly, I regret to say Ken Adams passed away ..

'when I was in Taylor Square (67-68) Cecil Whitty was the proprietor of Whitty's Wine Bar. (I think he used to be a boxer ... and Joan was somewhat younger than him. After I returned Stateside, Joan sent me a t-shirt commemorating their new venture Adam's Apple ... Ken Adams'

These photos were taken by my good friend Keltic Ken Adams, a Taylor Squarian in the 60s. Photos include: Wally Mudd, Charlie Watts, Bill Lockrey, Mort Fist, Terry Wilkins, Swannee, John A Bird, Bob McGowan, Keith, Marilyn and Derek Robinson .. and more .. any comments on 'who is who' would be most welcome

'Hi Lynne don't know me, but I was just looking at your blog with my jaw almost dropping to the floor --- I was THERE: Taylor Square, Whitty's, The Oxford Hotel -- 1967-68!!! I was a goofy 15/16 year-old Yank who was big for his age, so I got to booze it up with the older folks. As I saw the pictures of Wally and the rest, I almost thought I was looking at a world that, 40 plus years later, only existed in my faded memories. I remember Wally and others playing the joints in the square (remember the names 'German John' and 'Swanee'?) brother was/is a fellow they called 'Dirty Big Dingo'. Who knows, we probably crossed paths some Friday and Saturday nights from Whitty's to the 'chew & spew' then across the street to The Oxford . , Thank you, Lynne ... what a blast to see and read about a community I got to be a part of...WOW! My family returned to the States in August of '68, but I still dream of the day when my feet will again walk on the streets of Sydney (my late mother was born in Paddington, so I'm bona-fide 1/2 Aussie).Thank you again, Lynne...I'd love to stay in touch with you from here in Central California. Blessings .. Ken Adams"

'Sometime in 67-68 I compiled a list of bands I knew about ... Ken Adams'


1967 Whitty's Wine Bar

Wally Mudd-harp/Tony 'Mort Fist' Fitzgerald-jug/Terry Wilkins-bass (foreground)

This was Terry's first 'gig', what an historical photo!

Starving Wild Dogs Piano Band @ Whitty's June 3, 1967

Wally Mudd, Mort Fist and Terry Wilkins

June 3, 1967 The Sons of Agamemnon

The Oxford Hotel with Swannee-12 string/Rod Jamieson-bass
or Waldo Hayes

June 3, 1967 Swannee and Jill at Whitty's Wine Bar

L to R Sue Lockrey, Bill Lockrey and Keith
Outside the Chew and Spew

June 3, 1967 Bill Lockrey at Whitty's Wine Bar

June 3, 1967 Bill Lockrey at Whittys Wine Bar

Sat. June 3, '67 Derek and Marilyn Robinson's Wedding Reception at Whitty's


In 1968 Cec and Joan Whitty chartered a bus to the Royal National Park

1968  Charlie Watts (far left)

1968 'Nasho; Michelle, Mick Scotland, Hamburger Joe's brother
Joan Whitty's Southern Exposure

1968 Swannee and John A Bird

1968 Swannee  at National Park

Terry Wilkins 'Hi Lynne, Great job on bringing this whole scene to life. The photos from Whitty's of Mort and Wally have me as the guitarist in the foreground. It was my first 'gig' of my career. I have not stopped playing since that day. T......'

Allannah 'Hi Lynne, Fantastic to see those 'Nasho' photos - as I recall that event was a 'psychedelic' picnic, I'm surprised anyone was left standing. There were bands playing under the Sun etc. Thanks for posting the photos - I don't recognise anyone else though Red might. Bye for now from Allannah Wooloughan'

Ross J Waters wrote: 'I didn't quite recognise Terry from the early photos, but was thinking the face looked familiar.Your blog & sites have been a fantastic trip down memory lane. And Red's song about Wally & Paul almost brings tears to my eyes. It so sums up what the Taylor Square days were all about. I've played a lot of gigs in many different bands on both sides of the world, but those days & venues were the best.I well remember the bus trip down to the National Park in 1968. I think I was still on crutches after my bike prang, & I took along a girl I'd met in the hospital. She was pretty "straight" & came from the upper North Shore. The next day the Sunday Mirror did a front page story on the drug-addicted crazies & their psychedelic love-in in the Nat. Park!! My breakfast was interrupted by an irate phone call from the girl's distraught mother...I had a lot of explaining to do! Hope all is well with you, Regards, Ross [J Waters]' 

David McDermott 'Hi, My name is David McDermott and I came across your blog whilst doing a search for Terry Wilkins, I went to the same school as Terry in western Sydney and also knew him when he played with Quill in Darlinghurst, cannot for the life of me think of the name of the joint! Is Phil Jones of the Unknown Blues fame on your page? I have "If I had a Ticket" MP3 as well as the Python Lee Jackson song that Rod Stewart sang the lead. Oh what memories .. David McDermott."

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