NAMES 60s/70s

"lesley "mindless" armstrong (the queen of LSD experimenters) died july 26th but---- her old boyfriend "Casbah" (ex-Royal George) and pal of Tracey Rorke, Dutch Andy, Johnny Bates, Ear-ring Paul, English Paul, Big Malto, Melbourne Jeff, Dave Anderson and Big Lilly, Old Mick, Phil Bryden-Brown , Mainline Michelle, Granny, Roy the Boy, Dave Ellis, Rocker Rob, Penny Symes, Heather Buchanan, Lachie Jamison, "Feenie", Little Dick, Little Africa, Black Allan, Johnny Patch, Lady George, John Foggerty, Kay Benz, John Sande and Brett Lea will definitely try and mosey along ( from deep in the wild Aussie bush) and meet you in the pub---i have lyn's phone number and will stay in touch-----see my BEATNIKCASS site on YOUTUBE."

Ace Follington [drums]
Adrian Rawlins RIP
Aidi Einfield
Alan Johnson
Alan Meadows
Alan Reagan RIP [bike accident]
Alan Wall
Alan Ward
Alex Augustis RIP
Allanna Kereopa (sp)
Allannah Woolloughan (290)
Allison MacCallum
Andre de Mollar
Andy Carden
Andy 'the yank' Palace
Anne Kelso
Annette McEwan
Annette aka 'Tripper' and Opie
Arthur Eizenberg


Barbara 'Babs' Weston
Barry Clover RIP [Cremorne]
Barry Harvey - Chain (drums)

Barry McGloin
Bill Carroll and Babs
Billy Green (Epics)
*Billy Hackett
*Bill Hodgkisson -Unknown Blues (bass)
Billy Lockrey RIP
Black Alan RIP
Bob Clayton RIP
Bobby Gebert
Bob Hudson - Wayside Chapel

Bob Komidar RIP
Bob McGowan -Sons of Agamemnon, Uncle Bob's Band
Bob Richie - Berry Street
'Bongo Pete' Peter McManus (290)
*Brian Bethall - 69ers
Brian Dewhurst and Bobbi
Brian Wakefield  RIP - Ballpants Cafe (vocals), the Layabouts
*Bruce Bongers
Bruce Searle - The SCREW and Gail
'Butch' Lionel Drew and Louise O'Connor

Carol Rutley RIP
Carol Smith
*Casper - one-arm
Cass Cumerford and Mindless
Colin Hanson and his mate John
Charlie Watts RIP - Starving Wild Dogs (drums)
'Chinese' Chris - Starving wild Dogs (lead)
Chris Blanchflower - Country Road
Chris Brown - Unknown Blues, Ayers Rock (lead)
Christa RIP
Christine Froebel - Berry Street
Christine Lucas RIP
Chuck and Christa RIP
Chuck Quinton
Cliff Bowles - Cremorne
Clive Coulson RIP
Colin Blood

Daryl Hendricks
Daryl McKenzie - Starving Wild Dogs, Nutwood Rug Zaroffs (drums)
Danny Groves - Sect, Climax 5, Om Di Com (drums)
Dave Allen Flake
Dave Cook RIP - Beauchamp Hotel
Dave McDermott
Dave Marshall
Dave ' Sons' Miller - Sons of Agamemnon (harp)
Dave Ovendon
Dave Rowlands - Unknown Blues (drums)
Dave Shultz - roadie Nutwood Rug
Dave Sturdy aka Speedy Dave (twin of Moya)
David 'Opie' Opitz
Deidree McMasters aka Nita Mann
Del Turner - Cremorne (drums)
Denise Tsolakis - Cremorne, Beatle Village
Dennis Aubrey
Dennis 'Spiderman' Burke - Battersea Heroes, Mudcrab Boogie Band (percussion)
Diane Willard
Dominic O'Donnell
Doug Richardson
Dutch Andy
Dutch Paul - Blues Point Road
Dutch Tilders RIP

Eileen Reagan (White) RIP
Errol Wood

'Fast Eddy'
'Fast Robert' Robert Souter (percussion)
Frances Buchanan
Francis Butler 69ers
Frank Cayley
Frank Dengatee - President JOK Fan Club
Frank Hammond RIP
Frank Povah - musician extraordinaire
Frankie Kinraid and Trixie Willoughby
'Fred the Arab' and Angela
Fred Komidar

Gary Dale
Gayle Kennedy
Gary Lambert
Gary Ross - Berry Street, UNSW
Gary Mikelburgh
Gavec Nicholson
Gina Risinski
Geoff Staker our bestman
George Millwood - Ballpants
Gordon 'Flash' Finlayson RIP - bouncer at the Cross
Graeme Hutchins - Martin's bar
Graham Bennett
Graham Lister
Greg Hill aka 'Greg Bear' RIP
Greg Wallace - brother John
'Gummy Mick' Mick Lambert RIP

Hamburger Joe ' aka Joe Scotland - Whittys
Harry Brus - Greenwood Tree (bass) 
Hayden aka 'one armed bandit' RIP
Heather Buchanan RIP 

Irena - girlfriend of Leigh 'Bear'
Ivor - Cremorne
Ian Willis - Berry Street, ex Zarzoffs
Ian Young RIP

Jacquie Miller
Jane and Joanne - Beachamp Hotel
Jeannie Lewis
Jenny Jones - girlfriend of Lenny Hampton
Jim Crowley - Starving Wild Dogs (percussion)
Jill Trevillian - Whittys
Jim Conway - Captain Matchbox Whoopee band
John McEwan aka 'Big John or 'Spottiswood Eklin'
John A Bird - Duck, Country Road (keyboards) 
John Taylor - Uncle Bob's band
John Boyd and Julie Connelly
John Bynon
John Kerr
John Robinson 
John Sandys RIP
John Wallace
Judy Miller - Berry Street
Judy - Maroubra
Julie Boyd (Connelly)
Julie Komidar

Karl Rooney
Kathleen James
Keith Herbert 
Keith Longman Cremorne
'Keltic' Ken Adams RIP - Whittys (brother Larry Adams)
Ken Maloney
Kerrie Phillip - Alison Road
Krisee Oliver

Larry Adams aka Big Dog - Whittys
Larry Knight - Matchbox
Lauchie Jamieson RIP - percussion
Leigh 'Bear' Burns RIP
Leigh Cameron
Leigh Crawford
Leifus RIP and Tessa
Leo Duffy - Taylor Square
Leonie Reid - Taylor Square
Lenny Carrol
Lenny Hampton RIP
Lenny Paterson
Lesley 'Mindless' Armstrong RIP
Lex Mesker - roadie for the Sect
Liam ..
Lindsay Bourke
Lindsay Hewson - Battersea Heroes
Little Gulliver
Louise O'Connor (Enwright)
Lucie Hedman
Lydia Augustis
Lyn Corrick
Lynne Braithwaite-Sanders
Lynne Komidar (Best)

Mary and Carol Wilson
Margaret Buchman - (married Roy Prestige and was sister Christine Lucas) 
Martin Walsh - Berry Street
Mel Rivera RIP
Mark Rivera RIP
Mary Jane Hamilton
Max Merritt
Mick Adams RIP - Cremorne
Mick Duggan
Mick Baldwin
'Mick the Boy' 
Mic Conway
Mick Duggan
Mick Lambert RIP aka 'Gummy Mick'
Mick Leste - Sect (vocals and harp)
Mick Liber - Python Lee Jackson (lead)
Mick McCormack - Dave Miller set, Sect (percussion)
Mick Morphett -Sect (bass)
Mick Scotland
'Mort Fist' RIP aka Tony Fitzgerald [harp] 
Moya Sturdy RIP (twin of Dave Sturdy)
Ned Carden aka 'Ned Bear' and Teri RIP
Neil Bramley RIP
Neil Smith - Sect (lead)
Noddy - Cremorne
Norm Roue - Gutbucket, Om Di Com, Band of Light and Buffalo
'Opie' [David Opitz]
Pam Crow
'Paranoid Bob'
'Patch' Johnny 
Patrick Crow RIP - Cremorne)
Paul Stevens aka 'Earing Paul' RIP
Paul 'Doggie' Wyld RIP - Starving Wild Dogs
Paul and Judy Raft
Penny Symes
Peter Anson RIP Aug. 2015 - Missing Links, Id, Syndicate
Peter Campbell - Rhubarbs
Peter Finn - Taylor Square
Peter Gardner - Taylor Square
Peter Gatehouse - Taylor Square
Peter Knox aka Izzy Forreal RIP - resident performer at the Ballpants, 59ers, Zaroffs
Peter McManus aka 'Bongo Pete'
Peter Miller -Rhubarbs
Peter Nehill - Battersea Heroes (bass)
Peter Radford
Phil Johnson RIP
Phil Jones - Unknown Blues
Phil Manning - Chain
Phil Tate RIP
Philby Colson
Phill Raymond- the Ballpants 
Philomena - Rhubarbs
Pip Brown
Pip - girlfriend of Dave Sturdy

Queenie Paul RIP

Rachaell Wyld
Raelene Rutley
Ralph Graham
Red McKelvie  - Starving Wild Dogs (lead)
Rhonda Randall  - Cremorne, Beatle Village
Rhonda 'Rotten Box' - Brisbane Street
Richard Ludbrook RIP
Rick Burke - brother Tony
Rick Debenham RIP - Nth Sydney
Rick Jones
Robert Souter and Anna Haining
Robyn Egan and Alan Reagan
Rob Askew - 'Me 'n Mine'
Robyn Longman - Nth Sydney
Rod 'Beachhead' Jeffery RIP
Ross Aitken RIP
Ross Darmody RIP (brother Terry and Steve
Ross Smythe-Kirk - Drift mag.
Ross J Waters - Battersea Heroes (fiddle)
Roy 'Roy the Boy' Prestige RI P (married Margaret Buchman0
Russell James Walsh -  Feeler

Sam See - Flying Circus
Sandy - 290
Sandy Adams - Nth Sydney
Shane Duckham RIP - Syndicate (harp)
Skob - Nth Sydney
Sue Burke RIP (wife of Rick Burke)
Sue Challis - 290
Steve James - (brother Martin James)
Steve 'Soc' O'Connor (married to Louise Enright)
Steve 'Sudsie' Sutcliffe RIP 
Sue Spicer and Colin Hanson
Sue Toohey
Sonya Kereopa
Stuart West
Swannee RIP - Sons of Agamemnon

Terry Astill - (son of  Det. Sgt. Astill)
Terry Blake RIP - journalist Kings Cross
Terry Darmody - Battersea  Heroes, 
ncley - Battersea Heroes, Uncle Bob's Band (Battersea heroes, uncle bobs band vocals, guitar
Terry Lightfoot 'Flea'
Teri Moodie - keyboards
Terry Stacey - 69ers
Terry Wilkins - Starving Wild Dogs, Flying Circus (bass)
'The Ox' Keith  RIP
Tim RIP - Nth Sydney 
Tony Fitzgerald aka Mort Fist RIP (Drift Magazine)
Tony Burkys - Captain Matchox Whoopee Band
Tony Burke - brother of Rick
Tony Robinson aka Merv Rabies (Mick Robbins)
Tracey Rorke
John 'Twig' Twigdom

Vernon - Rhubarbs
Veronica 'Vronx' Wellman
Vittorio - Piccolo 

Wally Mudd aka Warwick Wyld  RIP -  Starving Wild Dogs (vocals, harps)
Warren Fahey - folklorians, Larrikan Records
Wayne 'Crazyman' Barnes RIP - 1st methdone client 60s
Wayne McAtamney RIP
Wayne Doull
Wendy RIP - (girlfriend of Bobby Clayton)
'Wheelchair Jeff'

Yuk Harrison - Max Merritt and the Meteors

Zorba Tony
Zane Hudson

John Bynon

Last time I saw Zane (c1978)

Many faces I remember, not all names ....


  1. Blimey, I stumbled onto this site and trawled through the list of sixties and
    seventies names. How the hell do you remember all of them? I recognise
    maybe 10 or 15. Hamburger Joe, Hayden the one arm bandit, Christine
    Lucas...And a photo of Soc O'Connor!.

  2. Hi Bruce! Soc and Louise both phoned a while back, but didn't follow through. I have been doing this project for many years now and gave found just about everybody, and more!! I was wondering where you were. I have a website, currently under construction I have really done much on here for quite a while. We have yearly reunions, will be down in April.

    1. Surely Soc and Louise aren't together still?

  3. No Bruce, the calls were separate, however they are still in touch. Neither left a follow up number. Can you contact me via the above email! Lynne