UPDATE Jeff can be contacted on Facebook and has recently released the ID LP 'Big Time Operators' 20/8/15

Circa 1965, Graham and I were off to the Folk Cellar in Oxford Street, Taylor Square! Looking every bit 'the beatniks' attired in the mandatory black garb, matching skivvys, Graham looked the part in his railway issue waistcoat and levis, stockinged legs hung from below my oversized jumper.

We boarded the train to Museum Station, and made our way up Oxford Street. The venue was below ground level near Crown Street.t

'I would like to introduce a young chap, Jeff St. John '.. . up struggled Jeff, attached to his crutches, he seated himself on a stool, and proceeded to play the harp. I was well and truly spellbound. Jeff's career  blossomed, his talents took him to great heights, he became a household name.

Jeff could been seen at 'Here' in North Sydney, University Round House, Greenwood Tree and most established venues in the 60s and 70s.

Wendy Saddington and Jeff St. John

(click here) for heaps of info and photos of the ID from the '60s 

The Syndicate aka The Wild Oats (1965) Jeff St John-lead vocals, Peter Anson-guitar, David Bentley-keyboards, Shane Duckham-harp, John Helman-bass, Don McCormack-drums

The Id (1966-67) Jeff St John-vocals/Peter Anson-guitar/Bob Bertles- tenor sax '67/King Fisher-trumpet/John Helman-bass/Bruce Johnson-tenor sax, flute/Don McCormack-drums 1967/Dave Montgomery-drums '66/
Ian Walsh-keyboard

Jeff St John & Yama (1967-68) Derek Brooks (?) '68/Ross East-guitar, vocals/Virgil East-bass/Allan English-sax/Peter Figures-drums/Lloyd Hardy-bass '68/Murray Hill-sax, flute/Keith Jenkins-trumpet/Wayne ‘Groove’ Myers-keyboard

Jeff St John & Copperwine (1969-72) Jeff St John-lead vocals/Harry Brus-bass 70-72/Ross East-guitar, vocals/Peter Figures-drums/Alan Ingram-bass, vocals 69-70/Barry Kelly-keyboards, vocals/Glynn Mason-vocals, guitar '72/Wendy Saddington-vocals 70-71/Phil Wooding-guitar '69

Jeff St John Band (1972-73) Jeff St John-lead vocals/Tony Ansell-piano/Ron Barry-guitar, vocals/Peter Figures-drums/B. J.-bass/Red Cloud '75-76/Neil Bamford-drums/Tony Lyon-bass/Russell Moran-guitar

Jeff St. John with Peter Anson, Don McCormack, Ian Walsh and John Helman

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