I received this email, it has links to a couple of old vids out of the archives of Phil 'Shiva' Jones in 1970s, thought I would pass it on for your pleasure

'Quintessence' miming to the song "Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga" on the God Rock programme from LWT TV (UK), recorded in June 1971. Shiva actually sings live, while the band is miming to an instrumental track. Hilarious to see guitar god Allan Mostert hiding behind the congas, obviously refusing to mime his guitar parts ... and isn't there a hint of irony in singer Shiv's face?'

Dear friends and lovers of QUINTESSENCE

A veritable tsunami of new live QUINTESSENCE material is about to crash on your earshores very soon: the blistering March 1970 St Pancras Town Hall show (or at least the 38 mins that remain) and over three hours worth of Queen Elizabeth Hall 1971 recordings, from two wholly unreleased concerts recorded the same day, all superbly recorded.

These have been licensed by Hux Records from Universal/Island with substantial sleevenotes by Colin Harper. Colin also unearthed a VHS of a 1971 LWT TV show on religious music featuring Q miming to "Dive Deep" and "Jesus, Buddha"... There is apparently more film around and we are happy to announce more to come in the not too distant future.

These 2 songs I have uploaded on Youtube and they can be seen here:

God Rock TV Programme (UK) June 1971

HUX Records are also going to release the KALA album with additional live tracks.The homepage at has been updated accordingly, with 20 stills from these performances in the GALLERY section. Have a look an enjoy!

Have a great summer! Love and bows Rudra"


  1. Anonymous09:31

    I love Quintessence and can't wait for these new live performances!


  2. Thank you for your response .. who are you?

  3. My name is Lynne .. my life, name and history is here! Read My other blog for early history.

  4. Anonymous22:18

    Hi Lynne,

    my name's Rupert, I'm too young to have seen Quintessence live but love their music. The first thing I ever heard was Giants live at the Kralingen Festival on some bootleg CD, then I had to get the rest.

    I think these live CD will be even better - I love their long jams.