Bob Dylan was the common denominator - the link that bound us all together, he was the 'voice' of our times, putting our collective thoughts into words and music, What we, as a 'one offs', felt about love and life.
With his wry sense of humour he touched our young hearts. He wasn't a balladeer, pop, country, blues, folk or rock singer - He was, is and always will be, DYLAN .. God bless him.

Dylan recorded “Only A Hobo” on August 12, 1963 for 'The Times They are A-changing' LP. The recording was not released on the album and became an outtake
The origins of Only a Hobo

New Year's Day 1965, I walked into a terrace in Glover Street, Cremorne. I was greeted by the sounds of a young chap sing, blowing on a harp and singing as all heck. He was unknown to mainstream music in Australia at the time. His name, became a household world Dylan, Bob Dylan.

" .. she's a humdingerrr - folk singerr .. "

 We empathised and seethed with him in "Masters of War"

He astounded us with his astute story telling in "Talking World War 111", "Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall" and blew us away with "Oxford Town". I taught this tune to my young sister (who was 7 at the time). She still sings it, laughs and thanks me.


  1. Anonymous13:17

    from Casbah.....right on baby----i just bought his first 3 "rockin'" albums again on cd---they flipped our wigs at the time (and still do mine).

  2. Hello Cas, good to hear from you mate .. yep Dylan sure is precious, not that I listen to him that much anymore, He has a new CD out you know