Izzy Foreal (Peter Knox) RIP and Lynne Braithwaite-Sanders [Facebook]

Peter 'Izzy Foreal' Knox' and Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite have arrived in the Lower Clarence Valley and have taken the area by storm, or did the storm take them? A deluge of rain had recently hit the Clarence and the waters flooded the entire valley, Downtown South Grafton is a hive of creativity - quite 'hippified' with its bazaars and arts 'n craft stores; hand-made leather goods .. three pubs and music coffee lounges featuring 'blues' entertainers. Izzy has secured gigs at the Emporium Cafe. Its amazing psychedelic bedouin tent decor makes for a relaxing and interesting eatery. The curries are scrumptious and can be attributed to their knowledge in spices. Visit their site Emporium Cafe for more information.

Pulling up in the taxi I was met by a warm glow emanating from the premises .. the venue was packed to the rafters, the music was up and away and I settled back for what I knew was going to be a delightful night. The entertainment was inspiring and a tribute to the hard work that has gone into making this restaurant a winner. Izzy, sporting his new two-toned hair look, was the perfect MC and held the evening together nicely.

After a fulfilling night, Lynne S and Izzy toddled off home the proud owners of a crock pot (secured in the raffle) .. I arrived home satiated with pleasant food and memories of a wonderful evening in downtown South Grafton.


Lynne Braithwaite Sander took this lovely snap of me soaking in the ambience at the Emporium

I am leaving the Clarence Valley this week (having lived there on an off for 30 years) and heading of to Ballina .. 'So long and thanks for all the Fish' .. Adams.

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