NORMIE ROUE & Gutbucket

Normie Roue headed the unforgettable, aptly named Gutbucket band at Beethovens, 1967 (previously Om De Com), with Danny Groves on drums). Normie's gutsy version of "Louisana Red" still haunts me. Norm went onto Buffalo and Band of Light

Standing on my tippy toes, tears welling up in my eyes I strained to catch a glimpse of Little Normie ..

it was 1967/68 and Dal Myles had put on a special show at the the old Trocadero in George Street. Phil Jones from the Unknown Blues was unwell at the time and Little Normie from Gutbucket took over lead vocals. The reason for my tears? Well, I had been unceremoniously dumped by Norm the previous week and, a girl can be upset, can't she?  I did run into Norm years later at The Village with his ever present cheeky grin, so here's to you Norm.

Band of Light “The Cat”

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