NOTE: This was the FIRST Taylor Square in the 60s Reunion!

VENUE: Manly Wharf Hotel (base)
TIME: 10 onwards (most meeting at 12 noon)
DATES: Sat, 3, Sun, 4 and Mon. 5 October, 2009

In response to my suggestion that we have the 1st Reunion at Manly Jazz Festival, I received quite a few positive responses

"I am playing in a roving band at Manly Jazz Festival on Sat . 3/10 and Mon .5/10 but I don't think I can make it on the Sunday . Have fun anyway. cheers Tony (Burkys)" 

"Hi Lynne, Dave Miller here, thanks for the e-mail regarding the re-union at Manly Jazz festival. we'll have to do some organising before I can tell you what day(s) that we'll be attending .. Dave (Miller)" 

"Hey Lynette, Jazz Festival dates 4 and 5th Oct I'll be strolling the streets, playing my banjo, with two others on those days, between 1 pm. and 4 pm. Hope to see you .. Pete (Anson)" 

"Boy oh boy, I surely would like to attend and participate...but not possible....break a leg.  Lynne, I would love to be there...but I doubt it. Last Sat. I played The Montreal Jazz Festival with a woman named Lily Frost doing a Billie Holiday repertoire done in a Wester-Swing style. It was on a large street stage and there were between 30-50,000 people. It was excellent in all ways. On Wed. I am flying to Switzerland to play at The Montreux Jazz Festival. It has been a busy year. Think of me thinking of being there in Oct. T.Wilkins " .. Terry Wilkins

"Hi Lyn, Great idea and great venue. Hopefully I shall see you there! When you're in Manly, give me a ring & I can come down & meet you & we can check out the M W Hotel. I met Terry D for lunch the other day - he will try to make the MJF either Sun or maybe Mon will be easier. Ross J (Waters). " 

"Hi Lynne, Re the proposed Reunion, During Manly Jazz Festival, 3rd - 5th October 2009" .. Always been a bit of a dreamer, but I can visualise during the Festival (Sat or Sun - afternoon), a venue perhaps in (near) Taylor Square, where folks from the era could drop in, catch up with whoever is there, and get up and have a play. What do people think of this and does anyone have a PA that could be used? Does anyone know of a possible venue? Were you thinking a specific meeting place in Manly during the festival? I suppose the ideal would be to have a pub where people could get up and have a play. Cheers" .. Ralph Graham

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