Mindless and Cass

I first met Cass and Lesley in their flat at Coogee (I think), around 1970. They had a son Daniel, possibly the only couple at the time with a child and I was fascinated. One Sunday afternoon when Bob and I visited, Cass had just completed a census form, he had a strange twisted sense of humour and had written many strange responses to the questionnaire .. I was impressed. Lesley and I met frequently at Brisbane Street Clinic and I found her to be a quick thinking, intelligent chick ..  she  was an eternal student.  Lesley or 'Mindless' to her friends later blossomed as a Drug Councillor. Cass who can be contacted on Facebook is now a famous actor, with many films under his belt.

Just received the saddest news .. Lesley 'Mindless' Armstrong passed away July 26 2010 .. I have many photos of Cass and Lesley and will update post at a later date.

Cass Cumerford .. "lesley "mindless" armstrong (the queen of LSD experimenters) died july 26th but---- her old boyfriend "Casbah" (ex-Royal George) and pal of Tracey Rorke, Dutch Andy, Johnny Bates, Ear-ring Paul, English Paul, Big Malto, Melbourne Jeff, Dave Anderson and Big Lilly, Old Mick, Phil Bryden-Brown , Mainline Michelle, Granny, Roy the Boy, Dave Ellis, Rocker Rob, Penny Symes, Heather Buchanan, Lachie Jamison, "Feenie", Little Dick, Little Africa, Black Allan, Johnny Patch, Lady George, John Foggerty, Kay Benz, John Sande and Brett Lea will definately try and mosey along ( from deep in the wild Aussie bush) and meet you in the pub---i have lyn's phone number and will stay in touch-----see my BEATNIKCASS site on YOUTUBE."

Beatnik Cass talks about the passing of Lesley on Utube (click here)
Johnny Patch RIP  was my husband's mentor, Bob idolized him and was devastated when he died. The death of Roy Prestige aka 'Roy the Boy' RIPwas another shock to the system. I attended Roy and Margaret Buchman's wedding and reception with Steve 'Soc' O'Connor, Louise and Christine Lucas RIP (that's another story). Roy had been straight for many, many years and was doing quite well when he passed away. Who else, yes, of course Little Africa (mad as a hatter), last saw him around '78 at Central. and, little Heather Buchanan RIP and Penny Symes were certainly characters.

click here for Cass' blog where he takes us thru the daily life in the 'scene' in and around Taylor Square. Cass has just completed his book ..  ..  lynk (must check this link)

Lesley with son Daniel

A sample of Lesley's artwork

'1961, Cass, Bubba and Joe dress up in Bubbas parents' old clothes 
before they're given to charity---why was i the only one in drag'

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