Reunion: Manly Jazz Festival

Reunion Manly Jazz Festival

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Let's not beat around the bush, eh! The reunion was successful and the meeting culminated in an overwhelming flourish of strings, horns and kazoos.  From the onset the venture was dogged by rain and gusty winds, the crew trickled in and out over the three days, wandering around attempting valiantly to make the best of it despite the weather.

Dave 'Sons' Miller and Ross J Waters OBH

My brave bookends appropriately geared for the stormy weather, were a marvellous support to me throughout the long weekend at the MJF.

Manly Wharf Hotel: Bracing myself for new arrivals   ADD PHOTO

.. here's my old friend from Berry Street, Little Judy Miller and her partner Phil Colson (Foreday Riders,  Colin Hay Band). Phil was well prepared for the rain,  formidable in his dri -as-a-bone, Judy remarked that I  looked exactly the same as in Berry Street, she obviously neglected to bring her spectacles? Roving guest artists The New Orlean Wanderers were next to 'appear' Peter Anson with jacket slung over one shoulder and banjo t'other looked exactly the same as the first time I saw him outside Surf City .. I too had neglected to bring my spectacles.  No, seriously except for extra padding and snow on the rooftops we  all looked exactly the same!
Next to make an appearance was the inimitable Terrence Darmody. 
We  arranged to meet Peter in a side alley off the Corso on the Monday .. he had opted to quit his 'roving' and stay put, true to form there he was,  avec his brass section (have names will put up later), we volunteered to be rent-a-crowd. Old favourites were enjoyed including, of course,  Leadbelly.

Dave, Ross, Terry and I went  to search for Tony Burkys .. Terry wandered off and I became nervous, my intuition was telling me that Terry was a 'necessary ingredient' and must not stray. How right I was!  

When Terry returned to the fold, he was excited  having just seen the Jugalug String Band, Philthy  D and Chris Blanchflower.  I managed to get a few shots off  before  Peter and the boys accompanied by Terry on harp broke into "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" .. ahh now tears were near. Must have a ciggie.

I  glanced up and there was Terry and Peter side by side ..  where's your camera girl??!!  Dave's big fat head was in the way so I jumped up on the bench.  God waved his hand, things just started happening - down the alley came John Mackey and  his partner Yuki on tambourine they took up their positions alongside Terry as if prearranged .. then to top it off down the lane, strumming his guitar came Tony Burkys in all his glory.  The lady seated beside me remarked that she could feel something strange and then asked, "what's happening,  they seem to be really enjoying themselves?"

"These guys used to play together in their teens 40 years ago .. and the jam was not prearranged." Terry, by this stage had whipped out his kazoo, Peter had began doing a little two-step, rasping away with gusto, and the grins on  their faces .. just priceless.

Later, Tony Burkys remarked that he was strolling by the lane and heard the kazoo and said to himself that could only be one person .. Terry Darmody. Much merth when Yuki whipped out her kazoo  and matched Terry with an impromtu call-response routine.

Judy and Phil

Ross J Waters and Terry Darmody

New Orlean Wanderers

Amazing backdrop eh!
 War .. an old style barber shop and a psychedelic window

A meeting with Jeanne Lewis at the Piccolo Bar, concluded my week. 


  1. Anonymous21:26

    Cass couldn't make it to Manly but Vito at the Piccolo told me all about your welcome visit-----Cass will see you next time at the Picc. XXXX Love from Casbah

  2. Hiya Cas, must have just missed you at the Piccolo !! See you anon

  3. "It was a wonderful success wasn't it? I felt that God's hand was bringing it together. I've been inspired by the 'Jesus: All About Life' campaign. I've been in the Christian way for almost 30 years & it's a major part of my life & it actually helps me to put a greater value on friendships, people & music. Anyway I think that message came through pretty clearly .. TERRY DARMODY."

  4. "A meeting of the minds" ... PETE ANSON

  5. "Hey Lynette thanks for that tremendous update... sorry for the tardiness of the ackowledgement... been battling the swine flu or something similar here in tas... it was good to see the pictures and hear of the deeds... made me feel like I should have been there. Best regards Alan" .. ALAN MEADOWS

  6. I really enjoyed the MJF weekend, & it was a real buzz to see you guys again, so thanks for organising it. Terry jamming with Pete Anson & co was a real treat! Also got a nice email from Dave M. recently. Ross xxxxxxx" ... ROSS J WATERS

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  8. "A meeting of the minds" ... Pete Anson

  9. "What a heartfelt letter of appreciation from Peter Anson ! I bet you haven't stopped smiling yet. We all appreciated what you've done in organising this re-union, and we're glad it all came together at the end after such a bleak start. Great to hear from you Lots of Love Dave & Jacquie." DAVE AND JACQUIE MILLER