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I need to take a break for a while and will come back afresh with articles

2010 'Giggling Guru' Adrian's tribute on Facebook
Dorrigo Folk Blues Festival with Ian Fretwell, Errol and Phil
  • Annandale Bluegrass Society
  • Jeanne Lewis
  • Foreday Riders
  •  Al Meadows and  Duck Soup,
  •  Quill
  • Terry Stacey
  • Easybeats and Beatle Village
  • Domain

Harry Brus on Myspace, Harry's name has cropped up many times - he has some interesting photos to share including Russell Dunlop's wake and an old photo of him with Red McKelvie, Graham Lister and Dave Ovendon

'Antipodian Beat' Interesting site including bands as obscure as mine!

The Bondi Cigars ... That original Cigars line-up brought together four like-minded experienced players, all veterans of Sydney inner-west blues venues ... Bass player Al Hollywood Britton is another blues trooper, having survived the Dynamic Hepnotics and the Foreday Riders, and puts real backbone into the rhythm section ... '

Dark Ages a New Zealand band featuring Clive Coulson and yet another old snap of Red McKelvie ' .. The Dark Ages was formed in 1964 by a group of five teenagers from South Auckland who were keen to take an alternative approach to music and their on-stage appearance. The band was influenced by early British R&B groups, such as Downliners Sect, the Pretty Things, the Yardbirds and the Rolling Stones.'

Canberra Musicians 

Dave Kain Myspace including an interview on video, slideshow with some incredible old snaps. I would say back then Dave Kain had just about the longest hair known to man.

Adrian Rawlins  Recently discovered obituary. from Australian newspapers and the statue erected in his honour

his life and his poetry
' ... Dear friend and poet Adrian Rawlins, one of the first Australian music journalists, died on September 12, 2001 aged 62 after suffering from cancer. Baba was his first love in life, poetry and music followed ... Adrian on slide '

Half Cow Records Missing Links - a comprehensive account

La De Das 

I read an interesting article by Tamam Shud's drummer Dannie Davidson, I have written to Dannie and am awaiting his reply.

"Dannies' story begins in Newcastle NSW Australia a working class town, a Novocastrian at heart. I was born at Merewether to Bart and Shirley. I then moved to Merton Hall Kings Cross at around 3yr old, attended Darlinghurst Public School ... more "

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