Cremorne Revisited 2010

2010 (Oct) Contacted by Diane Willard

Outside Miller Street, North Sydney

We were kids, experiencing life, such wonderful memories 1964, New Year's Eve at Surf City Sue Toohey, Diane Willard and I met a crew of English migrants we were invited to their terrace house in Glover Street, Cremorne, and 'move in'. Keith Longman, Cliff Bowles, Barry Clover, Mick Adams, Patrick Crow . . were our hosts and parties and music dominated our lives. It was at Glover Street that met Denise Tsolakis, Sandy and Rhonda Nolan at that point they were living in a grand mansion on the Harbour called the Britannic. Denise and I had attended Darlinghurst Public School together!

Over the years there were many newcomers as the boys moved from Cremorne to St Leonards and finally settling in Miller Street, North Sydney with Rick Debenham and Malcolm.

Regular visitors were: Ivor, Roger & Sue, Dave Burrows, Twiggy,  Dal (Del) Turner from Buffalo, Greg 'Bear' Hill, Jed, Sandy and Rhonda, Lucie Hedman, Margot Edwards, Noddy, Roma,  Bruce, Zorba, Robin,  Denise Tsolakis and  scores more.

The 'boys' had travelled and settled here from the United Kingdom on The Big Brother Scheme ..  there was always an abundance of males. Di and I brought along a succession of females friends and we partied religiously for the next few years.  When Graham died, I drifted away and secured a room in a share house in Mosman Junction with Sue Toohey, Diane Willard,  Denise Tsolakis, Tony 'Zorba' Bales, Elaine and Brian.  This 'crew' partied for many years and drifted apart by 1970. We have had no contact since then.

My introduction to 'real' music:  Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Leadbelly, Sonny Terry, Broonzy and Brownie McGhee, Dave Van Ronk and Donovan, At nights we partied to The Stones, Kinks, Manfred Mann, Beatles, Animals and Yardbirds. What an amazing journey.

Pat Crow was dying, and apparently, Sandy  had been trying to trace me for several years. I am now in  touch with Keith Longman, Sandy Adams, Rhonda Randall, Ivor, Robyn Baker, Lucie Hedman, Sue Toohey, Diane Willard and Denise Tsolakis. 

"Hi it's me Shane Hannah, my mother is Denise Tsolakis and I have been trying to track you down for Sandy Adams .. I googled found the name Lynne Best and found you. My mum identified you I am great, married with three kids and just left Theological College to attend UWS to be a teacher of English and Ancient History. I am 41. Sandy is English and I gather was a mutual friend ... had a Greek boyfriend I gather. Do you remember my mum Denise? ... Shane Hannah"

"Hi Lynne!, I hope you are our Lynne from Miller St. ?? I feel sure you are the Lynne we have all been looking for over the years. I stumbled on your great 60s and beyond entry on the web last week and have just received this site from Sandy (Adams) Have much to tell you and would love to hear what you have been up to. Good to see you are living in one of my favorite areas, have been to Byron in particular, many times. love Keith Longman."
Hi Lynne, How wonderful it was to see the ‘Cremorne’ photos and all those familiar faces. Keith rang to tell me to google Barry Glover and in doing so your information came up, a real blast from the past. Robin (Longman) Wade

Hi there Robyn, isn't this just amazing! I was wondering if you ever hear from Kitty McDonald and Lorraine Radford? Gee, this is a surprise .. where are you living?

I have been writing for years now and recently contacted well over 100 musos from my days in Taylor Square, after Cremorne, . I organized a renunion at Manly Jazz Festival and that was unreal, with faces I hadn't seen for over 40 years all jamming together. I was exhausted and sat back to rest lol
Blow me dead this is starting to unfold. having heard from Keith, Sandy, Denise and Rhonda and of course my friend Sue Toohey. Also, am in contact with an old friend of Zorba's so have three photos of him.
Do you have any photos? .. of the crew maybe later down the track.  love lynne

Photos courtesy Keith Longman

1964 Cliff Bowles, ?, Mick Adams and Graham Richards

Graham and Pat

'64 On the ship from England

'64 c.May

Graham & Keith

1966 Barry, Lucie and Robyn in Miller Street

'66 Cremorne 'The Crew'

 1966 Keith & Robyn's Wedding

Graham, Cliff, Barry and Mick

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