Uncle Bob's Band

It is with much sadness, that I inform you, Richard Ludbrook (Captain Matchbox) passed away Oct. 2010 .. Lynne

Tony Burkys

Bob sent me a collection of photos, double click Tony to view all

I first made the acquaintance of Bob McGowan and Terry Darmody in the mid 60s. Bob was performing with The Sons of Agamemnon at Whitty's Wine Bar, and, Terry in the Battersea Heroes at The Last Straw (Neutral Bay). I have recently reacquainted with Terry and Bob. Have also touched base with Mark 'Basil' Butler, John Taylor and Tony Burkys. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Burkys at Taylor Square in the 60s first reunion at Manly Jazz Festival in 2009.

 An excerpt regarding their gig, Australia Day 1975, under the Bridge...

.. 'They were young and imbued with the spirit of the age, and crazy enough to believe that they could make real music, and earn a living doing it. Their influences were diverse, from the crassest modern pop to the rawest Delta blues, a creative patchwork of 20th century popular music. Their motto wasn't, but could have been: “It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.” And swing they did.

To their diverse musical smorgasbord they added original material hewn from the same sources, drawing on that bumblefooted road crew, Mark (Basil) Butler and John (The Doctor) Dease, who revealed some talent as lyricists. Tony, who had been writing for several years with the Heroes, fell upon their words and made them into UBB songs, as did all the other band members. Writing songs became a way of life in UBB ... ' for the full account I suggest you go to  'History of Uncle Bob's Band  

Bob McGowan~vocals, guitar, Tony Burkys~guitar,
John Taylor, Terry Darmody~vocals, harmonica, kazoo
Warwick Kennington~percussion

"Yes indeed also Kate (was) Kennington, Warwick's ex. Terry was a Battersea Hero whilst I was a Gutbucket Jug Band in 1968. I played with Burkys in Matchbox 74-79 there you go. Warwick Kennington also drummed with Dynamic Hepnotics ( had a haircut in between ) ... Richard Ludwick"


  1. Anonymous20:29

    cass comments that he reads it but doesn't have google identity

  2. Oh, ok Cass, just sign it

  3. Anonymous21:19

    Great band - way ahead of their time. How can I get hold of some recordings? Cheers Kingsley (ex roadie UBB)

  4. Hi Kingsley .... I can put you in touch with Bob if you like, or Terry, Basil, Tony or John for that matter.

  5. Phil Wood01:22

    Really were a great band - I was sharing a house with Kingsley in Cattai Ridge Road and working at Skinner's farm with Kingsley during the days when the band was spread between Dural and Forest Glen. Enjoyed them plenty of times. Would be MOST interested in a copy of Unfinished Business - Phil Wood

  6. Anonymous22:13

    Uncle Bob's Band were a great show to watch.
    We used to drive from Brunswick to the Caulfield Tavern to see them every Thursday night and they never failed to get the house rocking. Bob's guitar chops & riffs wre amazing and I remember Terry always cuffing up one leg of his jeans so it was shorter than the other.
    I think Terry lived in Brunswick because I always used to run into him in later years but I just used to say hello. I should have stopped to tell him what a great band UBB was.
    I want to but their CD so where can I get one?
    Arturo from Brunswick