Thanks for these incredible photos Larry ..

2009: Met up with Peter Gatehouse at the Piccolo
2010 (Aug): contacted by Sonya Kereopa and met up with her Nov.3
2010: contacted by Carol Rutley's daughter
2011 (Mar): Contacted by Peter Gardiner

Chew and Spew
always good for a yummy Chico Roll after Whittys

Blow me down, a word from Alan Johnson, who I met in the late 60s at the Beauchamp Hotel.  In 1976, Alan was MC at Nikala's Naming Party. He is in contact with Larry Knight, Dave Cook and Peter Gatehouse.  Dave had his fifteen minutes of fame when he streaked across the field during a footy match. My last recollection of Peter is at my home in Waterloo with Christa (Cookson??)!

Alan Johnson ... "Hi Lynne, I only just discovered your web page this morning. It is wonderful. It's been simply fantastic catching up on all those memories of Taylor Square in the 1960s and 1970s via your images and comment. I don't know if you'll recall me tht well, my name is Al Johnson and I lived with Lax and company for a while in South Dowling Street. I had the time of my life there. Dave Cook says hello. Peter Gatehouse and Larry will be thrilled to bits to learn that you have done all this. Al"

Larry Knight ... "Hello Minerva, If you're who I think you are, I have a wonderful picture of you Wally, Jim, Paul, Sonya and me at a club in the Cross ... Larry Knight"

Larry and Sonya

Paul Wyld-keyboard/Chinese Chris-lead/Larry Knight-bass/Wally Mudd-vocals
Jim Crowley-drums (not in view)

1969 The Matchbox at King's Cross Barbeque
Jim Crowley, Carol Rutley, Lynne, Wally, Larry, Sonya and Paul


  1. Hi Lynne,

    I lost your contact details so I hope this method of communication works. I don't know whether you've heard, but Charlie Watts died recently in the UK. He had lung cancer. A sad loss.


    Peter Gardner

  2. Anonymous05:30

    Hi, I am Carol Rutleys little sister and would like to make contact with someone in this group.
    My email is