Alison Road, Randwick

My relationship with young Jim came to an abrupt halt. 

Errol Wood, had secured an apartment on Alison Road, he had  an area in the lounge room for himself, my room overlooked Randwick Racecourse.

Inmates and outpatients included:
 Annie Kelso, Wally Mudd, Keri Phillips, Brian Dewhurst and Bobbi, Bob and Kathie McGowan, Dave Miller, Crazy Wayne Barnes, Neil Bramley, Gary Ross, Virgo Doug, Ian McIlvray, Ross Darmody, Paul Wyld, Charlie Watts, Steve James, Anna Henry.

Primed with a good dose of Becks 'Truth',  we headed off to Taylor Square. First stop, The Beauchamp to chat with Alan Johnson, Dave Cook, Sonya K, The Ox, Terry Blake and Bob Doubtfire/Dartfire (sp), from the Whisper. 

Around eight, Wally and the boys dropped by and we all trundled up to Whittys Oxford Tavern or further down Oxford Street, to French's Wine Bar.   French's featured The Foreday Riders, a predominately a blues roots band and the Battersea Heroes, headed by Mr Terry Darmody on kazoo and vocals, Peter Nehill tea-chest bass, Hewson, and Dennis 'Spiderman' Burke, washboard.

Around midnight, after a quick snack at the Chew and Spew, a gaggle of us zipped on out to the Greenwood Tree Hotel in Paddington to catch  the last hour of Jeff St John (and hopefully an eyeful of Peter Anson). One fateful evening,  Graham's friendship ring slipped off my finger and flew across the crowded room never to be seen again. I don't think I went back there after that incident.

I took over from Little Sue (Challis), waitress at the Yellow Cab Restaurant (off Darlinghurst Road).  Wally, dropped by for dinner on the house each night.  I made enough in tips each night to cover the cost of a packet of ciggies and a few ciders.  

I took off to Newcastle as a tracer for a tattooist. this endeavour went pear shaped,. I hitched a ride home with the Valentines.

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