Welcome Peter

I received this message from Peter Biggs (2012)

'Stone the crows .. I just couldn't believe what I found after typing Rhonda Nolan onto google .. Up pop references to Sandy (Rhonda's sister), Denise ... even Zorba ... and sadly poor old Graham ... all lovely people I met in a far too short time spent in the rabbit warren of a building called the Britanic at Mosman .. Sydney Harbour. 

It was 1966 and I had just come down from Queensland driving me old Ford Consul .. maniac driver .. still am!! Worked with Zorba digging for the council .. I remember a large rock fell on Zorba while we were in a large hole in the ground .. scarring him on the chest permanently. 

Loved Rhonda but she wasn't interested in me .. life is such fun!! I eventually buggered off to New Zealand with a few others on the Oriental Queen when the Aussie government wanted us to fight in Vietnam .. we all thought we would rather chase Kiwi girls and so we did!! My name is Peter Biggs .. I think I may have had a beard then and hair down to me shoulders .. would be totally amazing to hear from any of you that might remember me from those glorious days of our lives'


  1. I have some great photos taken at my house in Balmain 1968 of Bob McGowan, Kathy, Little Gulliver, Veronica, Peter Anson and Steve James.
    Don't know how to post them. Email me if interested. Lyn McDonald

  2. Thank you Lyn, will put them up next post.