My Family

My name is Dylan Nicholas W. and I arrived in Lismore Base Hospital in a hurry !! Mum had been under a lot of strain after Brianna fell from the book-case at Ronald MacDonald's House in Brisbane. Bri hurt her head badly and everyone was very sad. Especially my Nanny Lynne who had the three of us on life-support within a week !! Nanny Lynne had been very lonely and had nobody to talk to. She started typing on the Internet so that she could find all her old friends. This comforted her for a long time, but now she is tired of typing and has asked me to take over. 

She  has a special friendship with Brianna. I once overheard them talking ..

"Do you talk to Dylan, Banny?" asked Nanny Lynne.
"No, he doesn't speak English yet!" said Brianna.

I still don't speak so good as I am only 15 months young, but I am learning to type nonetheless.

Mum took this photo of me next to the dolls so that we would never forget just how tiny I was.

I was very pleased indeed to see I had an older brother named Jye and yet another named Tom. They are both very good at football, athletics and cricket. When I can walk and speak English I am going to be good at something also.

Brianna's head was soon all better and she was able to nurse me, she is quite the little model and can be seen parading around in her nappy in a Snuggler's ad. When I can walk better I might do a bit of modelling meself.

Nanny and Bri toddling down to Lennox Beach, to meet us
 I am already there with Mummy partaking in a beach sandwich.

My Mum's name is Mummmyyyyy, but most people call her Niki

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  1. merry christmas lyn!! hope you see in 2009 in style