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Dave 'Flake' Allen ... "Hi Lynne,I was just given a link to your fantastic blog. I lived at Darlinghurst in the early 70's, first sharing digs with Joe Lane, then when I met my now wife, a wonderful old drag queen, Rickie Daniel, was our best man at our very conventional wedding, very funny stuff.

I played in Flake and various groups in the late 60's to 70's, at Paddo Town Hall, The Mandala, Whisky etc. There are many photos from that time if you dig deep enough on my blogs. You are welcome to use anything, copy or link. best wishes Dave Allen"

Dave's blog sites are informative and enlightening ... here is an extract from Burning Studios .. lynk

Dave Allen ... "I'll never forget what was a real adventure for me!!
'Just wear something conservative.' said Dave. I took this to mean that I was not to look a Surfie, Rocker, Who-boy (Mod), or Sharpie. I met Dave at Hurlstone Park station, and away we went, via rail to St James, then straight up William St. Dave was lean, and strode with a purpose, at times getting ahead of me. He was wearing a 3 button banion shirt,( a type of collared T), Martin jacket, straight leg trousers, and desert boots. I seem to remember the whole outfit being a very neutral beige colour, except the desert boots, which were camel coloured , of course!! ... click here

and DAVE ALLEN 'FLAKE' good site for all 'old' pics

PHIL JONES PART 2 forming of the Unknown Blues and

Flying Circus and More Flying Circus some wonderful old snaps

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