The Roxy around the corner from Whitty's .. a huge old building painted red .. I only went there once.

'Excellent site for info, most informative Lynn ~ good nobody mentioned The Roxy in Taylor Square run by Tim Martin .. spawning ground for some great musicians including the Emanuel brothers .. it was where I met Earlwood Greg who was a regular performer there in the mid seventies. Others may have detailed memories of the venue and artists. just as an aside... I remember gigging with the Neasdens at Buster Browns down from Taylor square on Oxford street.. the waiters were on roller skates and we were supporting Madam Lash.. indeed strange bedfellows...and we were told it was a family show! Glad you caught up with Chris Blanchflower. We had a lot of fun when we played in Richard Brooks Puffin' Billies harmonica band. Incidentally he was the harmonica player in Greg Quill's Country Radio, a band that had a couple of good selling albums in the early seventies.I have attached a shot taken at my fortieth ( Forty years in OZ) and showing a group of great mates that have been playing together for over thirty years... Allan [Meadows]'

Earlwood Greg, Jim Jarvis, John Jacobs and Alan Meadows'Absent on this occasion Pete Mackie ~ ex Cockroaches who also plays bass in the five piece line up'


Feet as a Five piece band

'We have from left Alan Meadows, next to him Jim " Fingers" Jarvis, Earlwood Greg centre stage, then Johnny "Tom Tom" Jacobs and at right Pete Mackie on bass. Incidentally the back of the head in the foreground belongs to Dave Clayton - musician and producer extraordinaire who has played in some wonderful bands alongside the Conway Brothers, Ian Date and George Washing machine. Earlwood Greg Derrig in the photo. We have been good buddies since the early seventies, and I have been playing with him in The Feet for over ten years. I had the pleasure of playing with the guys in a series of gigs last year, which included the Wollembi Folk Festival. Incidentally Earlwood Greg played with Jim Jarvis also in the pic and Trevor Wynn in Rent party - a terrific acoustic blues act that gigged in the early seventies in Sydney I have attached pics of some of the bands . Does that bring back any memories~ cheers Alan'

Sweaty Palms Orchestra 1980/1982
 Clayton, Philthy Donnison, Alan, Ross Welch and Jim Penel

East Neasden Spasm Band 1972~ 1974
'The shot of the Neasdens shows me bare legged standing next to
Richard Ruhle, Julie George, Andy George and Rob Gray'

Stove Pipe Spasm Band 1968/ 1970
'DK Pilley Chris Blanchflower Phil Donnison Julie and Andy George'

Hokum ~on ~Somble 1976 to around 1985

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  1. Anonymous12:21

    Am I mistaken? No cant be. This looks a lot like Two Left Feet with Earlwood Grag Van Derrig at the central mike.

  2. Anonymous08:56

    Roxy in the 70s was run by a canadian called Tim Carrol he owes me ten bucks. Earlwood Greg