The Royal George

My first contact on the internet was Paul Stevens, Paul was involved in the forming of Frank's Cafe, possibly the first leather shop in Sydney.. will add his email directly

Paul Stevens aka 'Earring Paul' recalls the heady days spent at The Royal George Hotel in Sussex Street on his site, (Tales of the Royal George) References to Frank Hammond, Cass, Germaine Greer, Chuck, Christa, Black Alan and  Africa.  TThe George was 'the scene' before Taylor Square, the place to be!!

Paul lived Victoria Street, King's Cross in the early '60s, and attended Sydney University, he was part of the 'Young Push' at the George and is currently teaching English literature in the UK).

1962 Paul 'Earring Paul' Stevens from at the Japanese Restaurant at the Cross

The Young Push at Hyde Park

The cricket team from the Royal George In the early '60s

The 'Young Push' Terry Stanton RIP 3rd left

Cass Cumerford also frequented The Royal George 


  1. Anonymous18:21

    lovely to see my handsome mug shot on this site---love it-----Cass dug Lynne the most in '74 but she was flippin' over some other dude so he gave up. XXXXX.

  2. Caratacus said...
    Crikey Lynette! You've been busy! I stumbled across your blog again while googling Wally Mudd. I've been pretty busy meself, doing The Chimaera and The Shit Creek Review, working like the clappers and having the odd medical emergency. I've been neglecting the Royal George though -- I must get in there and give it a bit of a spruce-up. Time, Lynette -- time. I'm based for the moment here.

    Lynne said...
    Hi Paul, coincidently I commented on your Missing Link Post this week!
    Has your ticker been playing up again?
    I went across to your Myspace ..

    I'm sure you would love to hear Peter Anson's "Untrue" and "We 2" .. yes. I thought so, well you will be veery shortly. fond regards lynne

  3. Anonymous20:35

    cass says cut the "famous actor" and put "bit player"----but article is lovely-----love you

  4. Anonymous20:41

    lesley told me (Cass) in 1980 that Roy the Boy had written a novel----but i never knew his real name----sure be interesting to see it.

  5. Roy's name was Roy Prestige Cass