2010 (Feb) .. Warren Fahey owned Larrikin Records up until Marion Sinclairs death in 1988. He is not at all connected to the current Kookaburra debate.

Journey with Warren Fahey   an excellent coverage on early folk venues.

Warren Fahey .. "howdy, had a look at the site. some good snaps and memories. terry darmody - goodness. i had a lot to do with many of the jug bands you mention - either i recorded them or put them on at numerous Larrikin concerts. Your choice of music also parallels much of my music carried at Folkways - especially the blues. I was a friend of Dave Van Ronk - we performed at the same festival (Vancouver) and ended up getting stuck at a Chicago airport hotel (with Pete Seeger, Patrick Sky, and Cephis and Wiggins - now THAT was a night to remember."

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