Peter 'Izzyforeal' Knox

( Zarsoff Bros, New Original Battersea Heroes, '69ers, Hillbilly Blues Bandits )

 Izzy has just opened a Facebook Group called
" Does anyone remember the Ball Pants?" 

He was resident bass player there for some time. Izzy hopes it is OK to use the foto of Brougham Lane from your site for the group. Izzy is playing Bass on the Red Mckelvie video and its on Forealnfriends Utube if you don't have it. Feel free to grab it. Its a great site you've made. I was at Taylor Square as well, Frenchs, Flinders Street and Courthouse mainly but my memories are vague - can't think why. I have also linked your site to our blogs because it seems to me the internet needs a lot more memories of Sydney in those years. I guess WE are now the HISTORY. Thanks for all your work. Looking forward to the next thing to come. Yrs"

Third Union Band with Peter Knox (bass) and Red McKelvie (lead)

Peter Knox (now known by the performing name of Izzy Foreal). Izzy (as Peter Knox) entered the Taylor Square music scene in the late 60s, playing at the Oxford Hotel in the strange Dylanesque outfit Sylvester Quincy Barkers Music Box, which featured Waldo Hayes on guitar and Mike Turner on drums. That band also played regularly at the Trolley Car Bar in City Road, and the Wayside Chapel in The Cross. Also as Peter Knox, Izzy played with Daryl McKenzie and Red McKelvie in Quill, having replaced Terry Wilkins on bass when Terry joined Flying Circus.

Do you remember Peter Knox? For a time after his stint with Quill, Peter/Izzy played the wine bars around Taylor Square. In his typically skullduggerous fashion, he had a little outfit called Fluke (the name was a piss-take on Flake, who were hugely popular at the time). Fluke never got famous, so the piss-take on the name never got to offend anyone.

In 1970 Peter/Izzy joined The 69ERS, replacing Brian Bethell. The band at that stage featured Keith Longman on drums, who was soon to be replaced by Dave Ovenden. Peter/Izzy was in that band’s lineup when they played at the 1973 Sunbury Festival in Victoria, to much critical acclaim and general merriment.

In late 1970 or some time in 1971 (though these years may need to be verified by others who were there), that Peter/Izzy played bass with the Original Battersea Heroes, who by that time had moved away from their wine bar beginnings and were firmly entrenched in the rock music circuit. The Heroes at that stage featured Tony Burkys and Bob McGowan on guitars, Terry Darmody out front, and Dennis (whose surname will have to be verified elsewhere) on a hybrid drumkit/washboard concoction.

A bit later in the 1970s (again, someone else will have to verify dates), Peter/Izzy played bass with Red McKelvie, Graham Lister and Dave Ovenden in the Third Union Band (who started out as Johnny and The Ringworms, but that’s another story …). It’s Peter/Izzy playing bass in the GTK clip of the Third Union Band featured elsewhere on this site. Peter/Izzy was replaced in the Third Union Band by Harry Brus (but that’s also another story …)

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