British Invasion: Stones

1963 "Well I never!" Muttered the 'oldies upon seeing photos of them. We were thrilled with our new discovery - something of our very own.

The adults had warmed to the Beatles - this would never do!

The Rolling Stones were cutting edge, radical. Their unorthodox clothes, weird music and unkempt long hair. angered the status quo. I listened to them religiously; by 1967 I had lost interest.

"Come On" was their first single - a Chuck Berry cover, several Berry tracks and other covers were to follow before the Rolling Stones began penning their own numbers. The first Stones track aired in Sydney was a cover of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" a grungier version though still with its distinctive Bo Didley beat.

According to several sources, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" was the track that launched The Stones.
The Stones took their name from Muddy Waters track "Rolling Stone". Although the Stones' roots were in blues they produced 55 LPs of their own compositions.

Beginnings: Brian Jones formed a band called the Blues Boys; Dick Taylor (Pretty Things), Ian Stewart (keyboard). Mick and Keith joined, then Charlie Watts .. the Rolling Stones were formed. Ron Wood replaced Mick Taylor (ex Mayall), Taylor replaced Brian Jones. Not long after Jones left the Stones, he was found dead in his swimming pool, he was a long time sufferer of asthma, depression and substance abuse. 

Subsequent albums started to veer away from their blues roots. Most of us had turned our attention Clapton, who was by now showing his excellence.In February, 1966, Margot E and I toddled off to see their concert at the Hordern Pavilion. The following night I went with my Graham.

Photos of the Stones at Concert


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