Nutwood Rug, Dave Kane and Alison McCallum at 'Vibes' in '67/'68 .. went to many a party with The Rug, Danny Groves (ex Sect), informed me that he often arrived home to find them lying on my lounge room floor. I moved to the Northern Rivers in 1980 and often thought of them .. was quite surprised to find they had been living nearby for years and were instrumental in the opening of the Arts Factory (Byron Bay) and orchestrated the Byron Bay Bluesfest ..

'In 1967 Gulliver moved to Sydney and formed Dr. Kandy's Third Eye (1967-8). Reputed to be one of Australia's first psychedelic bands, they used films, slides and other psychedelic lighting effects during their performances. 

Besides Gulliver, Dr Kandy's line-up during this period featured some very interesting names - Mal Capewell (reeds) and Arthur Eizenburg (bass), vocalist and future 'Queen of Pop' Alison MacCallum, drummer Daryl McKenzie aka Lefty Zarsoff, (later of Nutwood Rug, Jeannie Lewis Band and The Fabulous Zarsoff Bros), and organist, Ian Walsh (Levi Smiths Clefs, Python Lee Jackson).'
 ... Milesago

Izzyforeal: 'Daryl went off and joined The Nutwood Rug Band, and I think Keith followed him a little bit later. I think we tried auditioning some new players, but that didn't work out. I remember Daryl trying to talk me into auditioning for The Nutwood Rug Band, but I wasn't quite ready to jump from band to band in such a hurry. (Daryl, by the way, became my drummer in The Zarsoff Brothers years later - he was the third drummer in that band, joining about 1983 or 84, I think - at least it was halfway through the recording of The Zarsoffs' 'Rude Awakening' album, because he got to play on about half the tracks. He rejoined me for The Zarsoff's tour with 'The Boys Are Back In Town' bunch of shows in the 90s, and played on The Zarsoffs' 2005 studio album 'Mixed Business' - he wrote some killersongs for that album!) . I think I saw Dr Kandy's Third Eye at Suzie Wong's. If it wasn't that band, it was another one with Arthur Eizenberg on bass and Dave Kane on guitar. Maybe they were called The Square Circle (?) - 'Unk' was the DJ there (later joined Fraternity, I think). Goodness, I saw so many bands at Suzie Wong's (Missing Links, um ... many more). I first saw Daryl McKenzie at 'The Place' (Pitt Street, I think), filling in on drums for The Vedettes. I certainly had no idea then that I would have a band called The Zarsoff Brothers, and that Daryl would be my drummer. Izzy Foreal (Peter Knox).'

Alison MacCallum "Superman"

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