Reunion: Dave, Jacquie and Phil

Dave and Phil
"Hi Lynne, Dave Miller here, thanks for the e-mail regarding the re-union at Manly Jazz festival. we'll have to do some organising before I can tell you what day(s) that we'll be attending. Well, you will never guess who paid us a visit today. Yep, that's right, Phil and Lyn Wood. How amazing seeing Phil after 41 years! Prior to this my only memory of Phil was that of a frisky young motor bike riding devil may care teenager.

What a difference 41 years makes, seeing Phil the family man and his lovely wife Lynn He is very close to his youngest son Cassidy and spends a lot of time trout fishing in the Snowy mountains with him, as he and Errol did with their father who is still alive at 94 (and stills drives a car, amazing). After lunch we did a tour of our property and went up to our neighbours, 'Jeir Creek' winery, where they did some wine tasting. Although we didn't stop chatting the afternoon was way too short to talk about everything and we've invited them back for a longer stay and they have invited us to visit them up at Bellingen. And who was responsible for this reunion? You of course, you precious person! We couldn't thank you enough. I hope things are going well with you. Any news of your transfer to either Ballina or Coffs Harbour? I'll keep in touch, bye for now.                       

Love Dave Jacquie Miller "

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